Friday, August 24, 2007

Same ol' shit - different day!

Nothing of note happened today.
I found a shop that makes fresh pretzels and had Indian for lunch.
Nothing else to say.

Tomorrow I get to wake up at 5.45am so that we an get to work by 7am as we have pallets of new stock arriving and we have to get them out and on the shelves by start of trade at 9am.
Sounds like a rip snorter of a morning eh!!
Guess who will be having Macca's for breakfast? (Sorry hippy witch! - I know, I will burn in hell!)

I have managed to get lost every time I have gone on my lunch break - I have no sense of direction ( the man can certainly vouch for that ) and Miranda is freaking takes me 15 minutes to work out where the hell I many excellent coffee and cake shops and so little stomach capacity!!!!!

Have fun at tomorrow's market day...I will be thinking of you at 6.15am!!!

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