Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Great Aussie Dream

I heard today that some of our banks are about to make their housing loans available to take over 40 and even 50 years to allow the "battlers" to pay off this huge debt for the rest of their lives ( literally )!We are getting to a point that we can no longer afford the great Australian dream of owing our own piece of soil. The prices for homes are crazy and none of us can manage to even save a deposit let alone keep up the repayments for the next twenty five years.But to look at a document that chains you to making repayments for the next fifty years of your life is a hideous thought.Guess it will baked beans for the next few years then...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Go Go Goji!!!

I am in the Goji juice business as from yesterday!This has a great deal of potential and I will be working hard to spread the Goji Juice message - it's great stuff with a stack of benefits for health and wellbeing. I am used to the dry berries, as I have been taking Chinese herbs for years from my accupuncturist. They taste slightly bitter and you have to get used to the taste. The prepared Goji juice tastes a bit like a cross between grape and prune juice, so much more palatable.
Have a go at Goji!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ideal Gift?

Mmmmm! The perfect gift for the psychopath who has everything!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ghosts in my mobile

I have had a pre paid mobile for over a year now, as an extra phone. I brought it while doing some business last year to keep those calls separate, but I have been receiving the most bizarre calls and text messages on it over the past few months..none to me - just people looking for other people and calling that number!
Firstly, it was a series of calls being made to a member of some motor cycle gang notifying him of some 'gigs' that were happening. Asking for permission to 'come and watch the action go down'. These went on for a while - then a woman trying to find a friend to tell her that she had just spilt from her husband permanently and she needed some help and now a young girl texting to say that she knows that her best friend is under age and should not been drinking and has not heard from her for days and wants to know whether she is ok...I really need to cancel that number!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dissection on TV

Well, I thought that I had seen everything on TV, until I tuned in to SBS last night at 10.30 and saw the dissection of a human body on the screen.
This guy from Germany, who does plastination of bodies, (very controversial but amazing stuff) was doing the dissection.
Does that guy look creepy or what?
He wears this crazy hat and looks like he just stepped out of a horror movie and there he was with a naked body in front of him on a slab.
As his assistant and he started to carve into this body, I asked my husband, "Do you think that body is real? It can't be real......surely".
Then my jaw dropped as I realised that he was in fact dissecting a real body - a man who had just died and given himself for scientific research.
So we proceeded.....cutting into the flesh, removing the rib cage and cutting out the lungs to get to the heart.
I could not believe...but I was totally fascinated.
I looked at this shell that was left when the doctor had remove all the "inside bits".
It was bizarre to see...I had never witnessed anything like that before.
But guess what! It's only the beginning of a whole series..Next week we get to see a woman dissected and we will see the story of digestion from the tongue to the anus...Can't wait...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

My New Toy

I am writing my first post on my new laptop....can you tell? It is certainly a new experience for computer illiterate me! Now the pressure will be on to get into gear and learn how to operate it. (Thank God I have a 12 year old in the house who will help me when my husband gets pissed off at me for asking him the same question for the twenty sixth time).
I am currently having treatment for my tinitus - accupunture from my favorite Chinese herbalist - also a good friend of mine.It's certainly worth a try if it means that I won't be hearing this infernal ringing..z z z z z z z z
My kidney chi is depleted..good to know..some herbal medicine and two dozen needles later I feel that I am on the road to recovery.
I will keep you informed of the progress.

Sleep Deprivation

I am suffering seriously from sleep deprivation right now!
My friend Lisa and I have just finished our first sleep over weekend for our spiritual group who meet at Rose Cottage.
We had a FULL weekend with three guest speakers - one talked about Feng Shui, another held a drumming circle and meditation and another showed us a traditional Hindu blessing ceremony ( the latter of which had the wildest effect on me, clearing out some bad stuff that had obviously been sitting inside ).
We shared many things amongst friends who were open and ready to have a good time and learn something new to boot!
We did Reiki together, we had ritual together, we belly danced together and also got to watch two most beautiful and talented ladies (belly dancing instructors)give us a performance. We went for a long nature walk, we painted a combined art canvas (what an experience - 9 of us working on the same piece of art at the same time!). We meditated and of course, not to forget, we ate stacks of vegetarian food.
It was an amazing experience of community living and even though I came away tired, I feel truely happy at having shared it with so many others.
It was a credit to all who attended that they worked together and created an atmosphere where we were all safe to express ourselves without fear of critisim or conflict.Great stuff!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ode to a Family Friend.

Today I finally said goodbye to an old old trusted family Volvo (yes...Volvo)It had been with us for over ten years, had over 260,000 kms on the clock and had seen my children grow up.
It had taken me daily on the many errands and journeys that I needed to attend to and was the taxi for both my elderly parents who could just barely get in and out of it.
It made me confident to be on the road as it had never seen a major, or minor accident - if you don't count the time that I reversed out of our garage and the automatic door closed on it as it was half way out (oops).
I was quite attached to that car, maybe that's why it took months to sell.
It was the most expensive car I had ever owned.We actually paid $21,000 for it over 10 years ago, second hand.
Considering that the car I owned before that one had cost me about $500 I thought that I was in heaven - this one had air conditioning!WOW!!!
So it finally went to a new home today - Goodbye old girl. I hope that they treat you with kindness. I will miss you!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

House Cleansing experience

Well, I had an amazing day today.
A lady phoned myself and my work buddy, Elizabeth ( another blogger ) to do a house and personal cleanse, as she felt that she was, well, being invaded on all fronts by some very unfavorable entities that were making her ill and had taken up residence in her home.
So we went to work.
You could feel the heavy energy when we first walked into the house and the poor lady was doubled over in pain and anguish from what she was feeling in there.We first smudged the whole house with sage and used a very, very old ritual to remove the bad energy from every room.
Then we went onto clearing her and releasing any energy that had hold of her.
It was very intense and the shift was amazing to feel.
It was interesting to see the reaction her three pet dogs that followed us around the house and watched the door for five minutes when there was no one there( or was there ).Then they joined the circle of their own accord and stayed there for the entire ritual.
Invoking such strong entities to fight the bad ones is an overwhelming experience and very powerful to be a part of. I had to remember my humblesness in this whole process.
I am not scared of this process and will happily do it again if called upon.
Just another average day....
So what did you do today?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Every day is a bad hair for me. I am one of those rare breed of women who has never been able to do anything with her crazy locks. As much as I have tried, I just do not have the knack for it - yet I persist when it is plainly obvious that I am failing miserably. I wonder why none of my good friends never tell me that I look like crap? Today I had enough!
I had been agonising over it for days, I normally do, and then I go in on impulse, hoping for a miracle.I have had far more bad haircuts than good, so going to a salon is a traumatic experience. I actually went not too long ago and had a very expensive "do" done - colour, streaks, cut, the works and the next day it looked like shit again. The thing is that these hairdressers are specially trained to do your hair in such a way that you cannot repeat it at home by yourself.That's a trick of the trade...otherwise we would not go back so often, right?
Well, this little black duck just got all her hair there. This cut will definately look the same tomorrow as it does right now, as there is not much left.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Here is a picture of the Patron Saint of Heamorrhoids ( and gardening)Saint Fiacre.


Yes a word on everyone lips...or more appropriately - bum!
Why I raise this subject is that I was watching a program on Mother Teresa last night and the point was made that there is a Patron Saint called FIACRE whose patronage is that of heamorrhoids - I thought that this was something too good not to share. He is also the saint of barrenness; box makers; cab drivers; fistula; florists; gardeners; hosiers; pewterers; piles; taxi drivers; sterility; syphilis; tile makers and venereal disease.
Obviously he did not stand in the right cue when God was giving out patronages...
You can't miss him though - he is the one that appears in statues with a spade in his hand and surrounded by vegetables.

Does distance make us distant

One of my husband's best friends moved this weekend. She had been living just around the corner but now she has moved about 45 minutes away. I wonder how easy it will be to keep in touch and whether the friendship will now change because of the distance.
Does distance make us distant?
I used to be in contact with women I worked with on a daily basis and when I lost my job we tried really hard to stay in touch....It worked for the first year, then it became less and less as time went on, yet we were inseperable at work, knowing what each of us was doing every day of the week.Were we really interested in each other or was it just to relieve the boredom of our everyday lives?
Are we only friends with people when it's convenient?
All relationships require some work...I must go, need to call a friend.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Down the Rabbit Hole

I feel like Alice in Wonderland....Have just tried to join a "tribe" and have realised just how computer illiterate I really am...heaven help me and the world.
I am totally lost. Yes, I now that it will take time - I AM a female and over 45-6-7 (whatever) I am hearing my daughter say! She is so full of encouragement.
Does anyone else have this problem or am I the only one left in the world that cannot work a computer?
It seems like the whole world is on the net for one reason or another, blah- blahing to everone else.
Who is doing the housework, who is mowing the lawns and taking out the garbage? Certainly not us bloggers, we don't have time for the mundane, we are deep, deep down the rabbit hole connecting to the rest of the world...why? Cause we can...there should be more of it...maybe if George Bush was a blogger he wouldn't have the time to order more bombs or troops....he'd be as confused as I am in just trying to log on!!!!!!! Romy

Thursday, July 13, 2006

No Compromise

I had the opportunity to listen to a motivational speaker a few nights ago and some of what he said has been playing on my mind.
He talked about 'no compromise' in any area of your life. In compromising to others you give away your energy and become depleted, used. If you don't want to do it - then you shouldn't.Simple as that!
I wondered what world he had been living in recently and whether it was the same one that I am in.
I understand the concept that he was talking about, and about giving your energy away to the emotional 'vampires' that can be around to suck you dry. John Edwards, the American Psychic also talks about this when he teaches about psychic protection - something that I must remember to do more of.
But life is very much about compromise.
As a mother and a wife I compromise every day of my life.
Sometimes I can be happy about the decision and sometimes I am not.
This speaker talked about the fact that people mostly compromise themselves when it comes to money - that they continue to work in a job that they hate just to get their pay at the end of the week.
I told him of a time in my life when I was alone with a small child and had no other choice but to work at a job I did not necessarily like so that I could pay the bills and feed my daughter. His response was that I DID have another choice and that I should look at my relationship towards money - that I should be more God-like!
I came to the conclusion that this person had never been poor or in a critical life position where others depended upon him for their survival.
I listened and I thought about it, and I know I had a choice, and my choice was to compromise what I wanted to benefit my child - any mother would have done the same.
It leaves me wondering whether some motivational speakers end up losing the plot with the reality of life that most of the people who seek their help live in.
Long ago, when the earth turned more slowly than it does today, our ancestors made sure that we remembered our most important rites of passage by having a ritual. We, modern creatures, don't have the time to do that any more and often the most meaningful times for us go unnoticed...what a shame.
I was privileged to go to a pregnancy ritual tonight for a friend of mine who will be having her first child in 7 weeks. She invited some close friends - we made a circle, lit candles, burnt incense and made her feel special.
In turn, we all felt special too, as we relived our pregnancies. Birth stories were shared, made as juicy and gory as possible for the benefit of the pregnant one and we laughed at ourselves and our tales.
We all contributed to a special herbal pouch that our pregnant friend will take with her to the hospital when the times comes. It was blessed by us in the hope of a speedy and painless birth.
She also handed us all a candle which we are to light when we get the call that she is in labour. It is to light the way for the child and to remind us to pray for her and the safe delivery of her baby. We shared with her our hopes for the 'hatchling' and offered our blessings.
It was very special.
It is only with the love of our friends and family that we can go through this life feeling secure and not alone. How very sad for those that do not have this protection for themselves.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

First Post

Wyrd literally means 'that which has turned' or 'that which has become'. It carries the idea of "turned into" in both the sense of becoming something new and the sense of turning back to an original starting point. In a metaphysical terms, wyrd embodies the concept that everything is turning into something else while both being drawn in toward and moving out from its own origins. Thus, we can think of wyrd as a process that continually works the patterns of the past into the patterns of the present.
Welcome to my piece of Wyrd.