Thursday, July 13, 2006

No Compromise

I had the opportunity to listen to a motivational speaker a few nights ago and some of what he said has been playing on my mind.
He talked about 'no compromise' in any area of your life. In compromising to others you give away your energy and become depleted, used. If you don't want to do it - then you shouldn't.Simple as that!
I wondered what world he had been living in recently and whether it was the same one that I am in.
I understand the concept that he was talking about, and about giving your energy away to the emotional 'vampires' that can be around to suck you dry. John Edwards, the American Psychic also talks about this when he teaches about psychic protection - something that I must remember to do more of.
But life is very much about compromise.
As a mother and a wife I compromise every day of my life.
Sometimes I can be happy about the decision and sometimes I am not.
This speaker talked about the fact that people mostly compromise themselves when it comes to money - that they continue to work in a job that they hate just to get their pay at the end of the week.
I told him of a time in my life when I was alone with a small child and had no other choice but to work at a job I did not necessarily like so that I could pay the bills and feed my daughter. His response was that I DID have another choice and that I should look at my relationship towards money - that I should be more God-like!
I came to the conclusion that this person had never been poor or in a critical life position where others depended upon him for their survival.
I listened and I thought about it, and I know I had a choice, and my choice was to compromise what I wanted to benefit my child - any mother would have done the same.
It leaves me wondering whether some motivational speakers end up losing the plot with the reality of life that most of the people who seek their help live in.

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Elizabeth said...

aaahhhhh...the thrashing, cut in half earth worm has her revenge !!

me x