Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost three weeks already!

My how time flies when you are enjoying yourself....I have almost been doing the Calendar Club thing for three weeks!
It will be over in a blink of an eye.
That means that Christmas is only about 9 weeks away so it's bound to get busy soon.
Start planning your Christmas shopping folks.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still just plain...

Is mine the only plain blog site left?
I think so.
mmmmmm...never mind. I am sure that I will tart it up eventually.
I may tart myself up while I am at it.
at the moment though,
I am losing the will to live.
Being idle shits me...I honestly rather be working flat out then doing nothing at all ( so I feel for you Michelle - I am experiencing it as well ).
I have better things to do with my precious time than watch the passing parade of dudes and dudettes at the Square.
I expect that things will be slow till after Melbourne Cup - we have all been frightened to shit and back with the "end of the earth" almost upon us, so no one is spending any money. Do you blame them?
I really think that the greed of the select few has caused this whole cafuffle and all of us average people are now hurting.
I feel change in the air...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two new creations!

These are my two latest ones.
The old shed was taken at the vineyards a few months ago. It took me quite a while to complete.
The seagull is just a bit of fluff I knocked up in a few hours as a bit of an exercise.
Hope you like them!

Friday, October 24, 2008

More paintings to come..

Well I squeezed in an art class on Wednesday night and finished a painting I have been working on for a while.... I just cannot find the time to paint and that is a bit scary.I do not want to stop now that I have started.
It is too easy to stop and just not try and I have thousands of tubes of paint at home thanks to all my friends who gave me so many for my birthday so I just HAVE TO use them.
I am also working on some small canvases that I can finish without too much of a hassle - that will stop me from getting too frustrated.
I am already finished one and halfway through another.
I will post some pics tomorrow.
I ran into the baby girks old art teacher a few days ago and she has given me some encouragement to keep going even though I am losing my art teacher soon.
Some ideas are beginning to flow.....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well the arseholes have entered the building...

The rain must have bought them out.
The arseholes I mean, cause there were quite a few at the Square today and they all decided to invade my sacred space.
More rain tomorrow...that means more arseholes.
Can't stand arseholes.
Oh and's Thursday night shopping.
I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maximus the Bonking puppy.

Yes, yesterday little baby Maximus, all of 4 months old attacked one of his toys and started the dreaded "humpy humpy"...
How could this be?
He is only a baby.
and today I attended a committee meeting at the Cottage and Maximus started on the poodle boy Trev.
I won't be able to take him anywhere..

Boy, this stock market thing has ripped the crotch out of the calendar sales.
This has been a disasterous start to the season.
I am sitting there for hours bored out of my little brain.
What I do want to do is sell, sell, I work on commission it really does not pay me to be doing nothing.
But what can you do?
Also our other car is terminally ill.
We need major surgery and the car is currently at the mechanic's waiting for a new artery and heart or something...
does it ever end?
I guess it will be another visit to Mr.Bank Manager soon.....
"Hello...remember us?"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yes, yes,yes...I hear you!

Mmmmmmm,a good weekend had by all.
That's great.
Next time I will come to.

One of the sisterhood is heading to Thailand to have a brilliant time - wishing you a safe trip. eat plenty of food, have heaps of cocktails and have a great time Vicki.

Time off for YAAD - time to contemplate.
Time to refocus and move back into lessons. Also a sneaky week to catch up on homework and assignments.

My weekend was ordinary - work and boring work, but all is good. I have finished one book and am doing some tarot revision ( yes, I am still learning too ).

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's vewy, vwey, qwiet!!!!!

Where is everybody?
Oh, that's right...
they are at Stroud enjoying themselves....
and I am here, clearly not.

Nevertheless, I need to make the most of it I guess.

We have had issues with the last ritual at the Cottage.
I think the full moon had much to do with it = she can really play with our heads and hearts.

I understand all points of view.
I wish someone would have shared these concerns with me - I always get this news second or third hand, after it happens. My opinion seems not to be needed.

Maybe that is a cue to keep my opinions to myself maybe???

No worries.
I am hoping that all is well at the convent and that the ladies are behaving themselves.

I am sure that I will, as usual, get all the news second or third hand upon their return.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


One of the things that I enjoy when I start Calendar Club is the fact that I can do some reading when things are quiet and that's about 87.3% of the time at the moment.
I am reading a book given to me on my birthday by gorgeous Kylie about a woman trying to find her purpose in life. She spends three months in Italy, three in India and three in Indonesia.
I have been to the Italy bit and now I am in the throws of India as she studies at an ashram with her guru.
Great book Kylie. Thanks.
Tomorrow is my first Thursday which means a 12 hour day at the Square.
Should get some more reading done..
And I am missing out on Stroud this weekend..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gobbledygook and the full moon!

Can't stand the noise...
my head is busting...
full moon..
feeling crazy..
stuffed tonight's YAAD lesson.
I guess I am just tired.
It usually takes a week for me to get into the swing of things.
Too much to do.
Going from "go slow cycle" to "crazy fucked up cycle" is doing my head in.

Bloody full moon.

Monday, October 13, 2008

97 days to go...

It's all good. First day and everything worked. Eftpos and till all in working order - always a plus.
My feet hurt from standing and I feel as if I have not had a gap of 9 months since being at the Square.

Already spied "Mr.Happy", that half wit psycho bastard from previous years. He is still being allowed to roam around the Square freely.
Should be locked up.

Also all my other freaky friends have come out of the woodwork - like moths to the flame!!!!!!

The freaky little Macedonian guy who has a nervous tick and talks about politics ( as if that interested me ).
The old guy with only two teeth in his whole head that talks about his injuries and how he used to drive taxis eight years ago ( as if that interested me )
The silent mother with the crazy son who wears his pants up under his armpits - well they don't talk...
The moron who comes every day to "just look" and will then buy one calendar ( if I am lucky ) during the sales period.

I have not seen Barramundi Man yet...but it's early days.
(He's the guy who wears the same Barramundi hat every year and goes straight to the girlie calendars for a quiet tug ) C R E E P Y!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh what fun....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm over it!

This working for a living gig is shit....I'm over it...

Hold on.....

I haven't started yet.

This is my first morning and I havent had my coffee yet!

Get a grip!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Well, it's time!

Tonight I had a most marvelous time at the Cottage with so many fabulous women ( and man ) all in their pj's and fairy wings.
It was a hoot!
From Deb's music selection of Daddy Cool classics,to the great food and gifts.
I got a total of 22 tubes of paint!!!!!
A box of epic proportions and also a pair of nanna undies of even more epic proportions!!!!!
I got wine and crystals, a book and a mug, several charms that I intend to take with me to the Square, lotto tickets ( I won $4 on the scratchy Helen ),pastels and art book,a beautiful snake brooch made by Faerie, an Edith Paif collection CD and notebook, hand cream, oil and lip balm....if I have forgotten anything, forgive me!
It was heaps good shit!!!!!
It was great seeing everyone have a good time and you all went to so much effort to get dressed up.
We are certainly a mad bunch when we get together.
I also want to thank Lisa for letting us party at the Cottage. We made such a mess and I know Diana will be in there tomorrow at sparrow fart making it schmick for the Handfasting.
Thanks again to everyone.
It's still painful to think that I have been alive for 50 years.I should have done more, seen more, been now. For me it's never enough....
But hey, I have had my Crone-ing revoked....I can wait another 5 years.
Not ready to be a Crone yet.
I am 49 and twelve months old......
Indeed, and hot in my nanna undies ( thanks Lisa ) - the man can't wait to burn them.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Picture!!!! You want a picture???!!!!!

Now, you KNOW I don't do pictures...
You will just have to wait till I see you in your jammies Saturday night...and I am sure that there will be someone there with a camera who can sneak a pic!
Shann is right - I looked good yesterday.

You missed it.

Today I could not redo the do.

But, went out to see two ladies displaying their boobs to all and sundry ( you would have loved the show, Lisa ) at the Civic Theatre called "Bustin Out".
These two gifted singers and comediennes did the whole show with exposed tits, got the audience involved, sang songs about tits,, told jokes about tits, did tit shadow puppetry and was hillarious.

See you at the Cottage with bells ( fairy wings on )...
P.S. Is someone bringing a cake????????

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The hair cut has happened!!!!!!

Miss Gorgeous finally talked me into the ultimate haircut experience today!
She actually booked me in and paid for my "do" as a 50th birthday present from her - how cool!!!!
We went to "Beaumont on Beaumont" and you have never seen anyone squirm in the seat as much as I did...I was glad that Miss Gorgeous was there with me!

We went from the "hair cut consultation" and "you have a small face and pointy nose, so I can't work miracles" talk to the "colour consultation" and endless questions..."do you want to go lighter or darker, do you want streaks?( oh sorry they are now called "foils" - streaks are so 1980's ).
So, of course I said, "I have no idea what I want".......
But away we went..
Colour done and there I sat looking like I landed from outer space with aluminium foil in my hair and gloopy colour poking out...charming.
All this time to worry........
Then, a wash and back in the hot seat for the cut.....
Shitting myself...
So he starts...
all the while saying, it WILL look good when you blow dry it.
Not giving me confidence here..
Then he dissappears.
So I stare at the mirror.
Oh God.
Then the blow dry lady comes over and starts blow drying.
I'm looking, and looking...and Miss Gorgeous turns to me and says, Well do you like it? You're looking a bit like Carol Brady ( the mother from the Brady Bunch ).
Indeed I do.
As the blow dry lady starts with the straightening iron I then go from Carol Brady to Julie Andrews ( some of you young things would not know these people ).
So Mr. Stylist guy returns and I lay it on the line....
"Get rid of the Carol Brady look!!!!"
So he gets out his snippers and goes to work and I end up with something that I actually like very much! do I keep it looking this way??????
It's so stressful being old!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's so close I can smell the fear....

Yes - my birthday.
I got my fairy wings today.
And a hideous pair of PJ's.
I will be a sight to behold.

Then it's that time of the year when my life turns to mushy wishy washy poohy pooh.
Those calendars arrived.
There is a ton of them...
Lots of very pretty ones though.
You must come and see...and let me go to the toilet.
I will be standing there waiting for you....

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Another "shit" story!

Following on from Anchell's post about the new puppy giving his opinion on her work place I will throw Maximus's effort into the ring.

This morning the puppy came inside ( he is a big boy now with his own doggy kennel outside )and was running around like a goose....
then he disappeard up the stairs into the spare room where I have my Calendar Club stuff set up and plugged in on the floor to charge.

A moment later the baby girk cries out, "Mum, Maximus has just done a poo on your Calendar Club stuff!!!"

And indeed he had!

What advanced dogs we have!!!!
they know better than we do.....

I laughed and then I cried as I had to wipe his shit off several cables and other paraphenalia!

Having a family birthday party this afternoon.....cause I am very old.

Yesterday's readings went well. I went to a private residence called "Nirvana Vista Resort" - a huge house on a hill overlooking the vineyards from all directions. Brilliant spot for next years retreat methinks....
P.S. There is a spa and horses too!!!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

It's Saturday!

I am heading to Pokolbin today to do some readings at a private party.
Good money pickup, so I am grateful for the booking.
I will enjoy myself..for sure!

Those pesky calendars never turned up yesterday...which means that now I will have to wait till Tuesday to start and the man will be back at work, so much of the heavy lifting will have to be done by me and the mother in law who will be helpingout as she always does.

The company has really done the dirty on my friend who is handling Kotara this year. They are making her work her stand and also do the "Borders" calendars which starts in November. This is a lot of extra work for very little money as she will have to employ full time staff leaving little margin for earning money from commissions.
Why should this worry me - it doesn't as such, I just feel sorry for her being put into a situation where she had no choice but to take on both sites, or do none - and that the company is happy to force issues onto us, but when it comes to granting us a favour in return ( like the booksales ) they will not come to the party.

So two sided.

That's how it is, and I guess I will try and offer my friend as much support as I can cause I know she would do the same for me.

Less than a week to my birthday bash....have you got your wings yet?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Did you know that I am going to be ancient soon?

Yes, that day is looming on my horizon....
10 days to go..
I will be so old!
Time to turn over a new leaf and cause some changes..
Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Now if you asked the man that question, he would say that I am incapable of change.
Maybe I cannot change?
I guess time will tell if the getting to 50 experience is just another day or the start of something big!
Michelle says that I need to grow into my art - I agree, I have to find my own style and this will be an endeavour of mine in 2009. I guess that the structure of going to class keeps me motivated to produce art as I have to have "something" every week. I worry that if I do not have a class to go to that I will slacken off and posibly stop and I do not want to risk stopping. It will be hard enough to fit in some sort or painting while I am working.I am sure that Michelle knows that frustration well.

by the way,
I am getting one and a half tons of calendars tomorrow...
yippee ( not )..

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Duped again.....

Well, the veil of Calendar Club is definately falling over my life yet again..
I had been promised a sweetener for this season, with a booksale to run and the possibility to make extra money.
That is now just another "story" concocted to make sure that I agreed to another season.
No bookclub sales.
No extra money to be earned.
All just a story.

Am I surprised?
I guess I was still hoping that something that was promised to me would be done.
I do not like being led up the garden path...
no, no, no....
I am ashamed of myself for being duped into believing that this would happen.

I guess I was hoping for a reprieve from the disasterous "Wombat" incident.
By the way, have not heard from them and had no shift in four weeks.

Every time I go to art I feel pressured to do as much as I can so that I can be prepared for when we stop....for something to carry on with..

Things are not going according to my plans....
they are going hay wire....
not happy Jan!