Friday, October 24, 2008

More paintings to come..

Well I squeezed in an art class on Wednesday night and finished a painting I have been working on for a while.... I just cannot find the time to paint and that is a bit scary.I do not want to stop now that I have started.
It is too easy to stop and just not try and I have thousands of tubes of paint at home thanks to all my friends who gave me so many for my birthday so I just HAVE TO use them.
I am also working on some small canvases that I can finish without too much of a hassle - that will stop me from getting too frustrated.
I am already finished one and halfway through another.
I will post some pics tomorrow.
I ran into the baby girks old art teacher a few days ago and she has given me some encouragement to keep going even though I am losing my art teacher soon.
Some ideas are beginning to flow.....


Lisa said...

good girl- painting and the pug will help xxx

Anchell said...


Its only a few months

You can do it

The paint will be there waiting whenever you get to it


angela said...

Maybe you could do small paintings while your selling the calenders. You may find you sell the paintings instead. This could only be a good thing dont you think.
I wish I lived closer, I love the paintings you have posted. I know I would love to but one.

Faerie said...

Keep painting ... it will keep you sane! xxxx