Friday, October 10, 2008

Picture!!!! You want a picture???!!!!!

Now, you KNOW I don't do pictures...
You will just have to wait till I see you in your jammies Saturday night...and I am sure that there will be someone there with a camera who can sneak a pic!
Shann is right - I looked good yesterday.

You missed it.

Today I could not redo the do.

But, went out to see two ladies displaying their boobs to all and sundry ( you would have loved the show, Lisa ) at the Civic Theatre called "Bustin Out".
These two gifted singers and comediennes did the whole show with exposed tits, got the audience involved, sang songs about tits,, told jokes about tits, did tit shadow puppetry and was hillarious.

See you at the Cottage with bells ( fairy wings on )...
P.S. Is someone bringing a cake????????


Lisa said...

ofcourse there is cake- 50 of them !!!!!!
be there on time Miss Elf of Mine and I will ahve the chanpagne open- buts thats a secret between you and me..............
its going
to be
HILARIOUS..................snoff snort

Anchell said...


I want to come

How can I see your farkin do from here!

When is your actual birthday???

Well, Happy frikken Birthday anyway for whenever it really is


Anonymous said...

It SUNDAY - the day I have to be at the frikken square to set up....poo!
At least I am sleeping in tomorrow morning - i am not getting up before 10 for anyone.. ( gee that's only 9am in the normal time??)Wish you could come anchell!w.w