Saturday, October 11, 2008

Well, it's time!

Tonight I had a most marvelous time at the Cottage with so many fabulous women ( and man ) all in their pj's and fairy wings.
It was a hoot!
From Deb's music selection of Daddy Cool classics,to the great food and gifts.
I got a total of 22 tubes of paint!!!!!
A box of epic proportions and also a pair of nanna undies of even more epic proportions!!!!!
I got wine and crystals, a book and a mug, several charms that I intend to take with me to the Square, lotto tickets ( I won $4 on the scratchy Helen ),pastels and art book,a beautiful snake brooch made by Faerie, an Edith Paif collection CD and notebook, hand cream, oil and lip balm....if I have forgotten anything, forgive me!
It was heaps good shit!!!!!
It was great seeing everyone have a good time and you all went to so much effort to get dressed up.
We are certainly a mad bunch when we get together.
I also want to thank Lisa for letting us party at the Cottage. We made such a mess and I know Diana will be in there tomorrow at sparrow fart making it schmick for the Handfasting.
Thanks again to everyone.
It's still painful to think that I have been alive for 50 years.I should have done more, seen more, been now. For me it's never enough....
But hey, I have had my Crone-ing revoked....I can wait another 5 years.
Not ready to be a Crone yet.
I am 49 and twelve months old......
Indeed, and hot in my nanna undies ( thanks Lisa ) - the man can't wait to burn them.


Jewell said...

i had a hoot too...loved the star fight must have more of thoses

Lisa said...

happy birthday you gorgeous thing !!

Faerie said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! xxxx

Myst_72 said...

A little late commenting - but a belated Happy Birthday to you, it sounds like you all had a great night!