Monday, October 13, 2008

97 days to go...

It's all good. First day and everything worked. Eftpos and till all in working order - always a plus.
My feet hurt from standing and I feel as if I have not had a gap of 9 months since being at the Square.

Already spied "Mr.Happy", that half wit psycho bastard from previous years. He is still being allowed to roam around the Square freely.
Should be locked up.

Also all my other freaky friends have come out of the woodwork - like moths to the flame!!!!!!

The freaky little Macedonian guy who has a nervous tick and talks about politics ( as if that interested me ).
The old guy with only two teeth in his whole head that talks about his injuries and how he used to drive taxis eight years ago ( as if that interested me )
The silent mother with the crazy son who wears his pants up under his armpits - well they don't talk...
The moron who comes every day to "just look" and will then buy one calendar ( if I am lucky ) during the sales period.

I have not seen Barramundi Man yet...but it's early days.
(He's the guy who wears the same Barramundi hat every year and goes straight to the girlie calendars for a quiet tug ) C R E E P Y!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh what fun....


Faerie said...

LMAO! I am looking forward to the stories of your descent into (madness?) Hades!

At least it won't be for 6mths like Persephone!

Jewell said...

that's very true Fairy, although to the elf will seem like it!!!