Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well the arseholes have entered the building...

The rain must have bought them out.
The arseholes I mean, cause there were quite a few at the Square today and they all decided to invade my sacred space.
More rain tomorrow...that means more arseholes.
Can't stand arseholes.
Oh and's Thursday night shopping.
I can hardly wait.


Lisa said...

that is a disgusting picture.

Helen will handle the assholes tomorrow night- never fear , she will call in various asshole hating dragons to help you out fair maiden xx

Anchell said...

Ah Mary BOSS....I will send arsehole deflecting energies to you....not working with the puppy tho so dont expect too much...xxxx

Jewell said...

i'll look after you...or should i say the Dragons will!!! see you there