Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yes, yes,yes...I hear you!

Mmmmmmm,a good weekend had by all.
That's great.
Next time I will come to.

One of the sisterhood is heading to Thailand to have a brilliant time - wishing you a safe trip. eat plenty of food, have heaps of cocktails and have a great time Vicki.

Time off for YAAD - time to contemplate.
Time to refocus and move back into lessons. Also a sneaky week to catch up on homework and assignments.

My weekend was ordinary - work and boring work, but all is good. I have finished one book and am doing some tarot revision ( yes, I am still learning too ).


Anonymous said...

Oh my darling , I will eat and drink anything that does not move . I will also go the next cottage reteat sounds like they a great time , .... I will come back with gifts ,,,, love vicki xxxxx

Anonymous said...

PS thank you for your kind thoughts ,,,, i forgot to pack undies I need them ??? .. sooo excited i am ... vicki x

Lisa said...

just thought i would let you know FIRST HAND that i am going to bed now xx