Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Duped again.....

Well, the veil of Calendar Club is definately falling over my life yet again..
I had been promised a sweetener for this season, with a booksale to run and the possibility to make extra money.
That is now just another "story" concocted to make sure that I agreed to another season.
No bookclub sales.
No extra money to be earned.
All just a story.

Am I surprised?
I guess I was still hoping that something that was promised to me would be done.
I do not like being led up the garden path...
no, no, no....
I am ashamed of myself for being duped into believing that this would happen.

I guess I was hoping for a reprieve from the disasterous "Wombat" incident.
By the way, have not heard from them and had no shift in four weeks.

Every time I go to art I feel pressured to do as much as I can so that I can be prepared for when we stop....for something to carry on with..

Things are not going according to my plans....
they are going hay wire....
not happy Jan!


Anchell said...

This year is NOT about things going according to plan...

With your art my friend, it will be time for you to grow into yourself as an artist. You are doing wonderful work but it is Tony' work style, yes. It will grow into Renatas style from there. Trust me madam, you need to move from that into you. You have come so far but have much further to go....IF YOU LET YOURSELF.
Art class is to show you how to begin.

And you have.

I for one, cannot wait to see what Renatas style morphs into!

Its an adventure

As for CCC's....stop expecting them to be different and you wont get disappointed will you. Just take the money and run. F em

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed you a right Michelle. I really want to develop my art in 2009 and sell some stuff for sure.I really love it.As for CC, I will just be counting the weeks....w.w.

Áine said...

*hugs* I hate it when people lead us on to get us to do something they know we don't want to do...

I agree with Michelle... just don't expect more than living hell and you won't be disappointed.

I would love to see your art grow and've got some talent!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aine!w.w.
those comments have been noted..