Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First Pic of 2009

I have been trying to finish this one for a few weeks now.
Thank goodness it is done.
Do you like?

Took time out today to get to it especially since the little black dog woke me at 7.15 this morning.
It was so quiet and peaceful I spent the first few hours of 2009 painting - what joy!!!!!
Am feeling better thank you all for your wishes - antibiotics have kicked in and the day off is helping!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Very sick..
Blessed New Year to you all.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sore, sore throat....

Can't get sick now...
Can't get sick now.....
Can't get sick now....
sore, sore throat.
Worked 8am to 5pm both Saturday and Sunday and am frazzled.

Can't get to my artwork and now the man has been busy and made me a paint/ airbrush station in the spare ( has not been finished cause we ain't got the money ) room.
It is super groovy with lights suspended from the ceiling and hooks and shit and a masonite board for hanging my canvases on for painting.
Can't wait to get in there and give it a go.....
at this point I can only look at it and sigh...

It happens every year that some arse tries to return this years' calendar to get a new one for next year claiming that we sold them this years calendar....well it happened yesterday.
It really shit me cause 1. they think I am that stupid to beleive them.
2. They have the balls to try it.
3. They are plainly tring tp rip me off.
They buy a calendar, use it all year long, keep it in good nik and then come back and try to get a new one saying that they just bought it off me and I sold them this years......
Arse holes!!!!
How tight must they be????

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas? It's over.....

Has everyone gone stark raving mad?????
What's with the mad shopping craziness????
Well Boxing Day sales went off with a bang yesterday - rest assured we have lost our holiday forever.
Thank you to all who could not wait one more day and have now cut the holidays short for everybody else.
Guess I won't have to worry about it next year anyway.

Today was a shit fight at the Square with normallly sane people becoming possessed by the devil himself...running and screaming.."Over there, over there"..."There's something on sale over there"...

May the Gods protect me!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008





Monday, December 22, 2008

Wall of Fame!

You can find this "marvelous" exhibit at "Sniddys" on Beaumont street Hamilton - by the way the food is great.
We have snitzels there tonight ( to celebrate ) and they were yummy.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

So tired I can't stand straight...

Twas three days before I get a day off and I was soooooo tired.
My feet are ouchy and throbbing ( those nasty varicous veins ).
You can read my legs like a roadmap to hell at the moment.

Got my paintings ready for hanging tomorrow.
Heading off after work to "Sniddys" in Beaumont street to hang 6 of my paintings on one of their walls.
How super fantastic is that...
very excited I am.
Will post a piccy of what they look like after we are done.
Hope I sell a few..
Wish me luck on this new venture guys.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stop hitting me with the ugly stick!

I am being beaten by the ugly stick.
Too tired to do my hair,
too tired to put on any makeup or shave my legs..
too tired to find a descent pair of undies..
(Oh, I have'nt got a descent pair)
was tempted to put on my birthday panties
as all mine were hanging on the line.
What if I'd had a car accident and had to be taken to hospital
and they had to cut all my clothes off and found me wearing THOSE undies???!!!!!
Even bigger hits with the ugly stick.
Do you ever get to a point where you just hate everything and do not see the point in what you are doing???
That was me and probably another 1000 people that walked passed me today.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wow! The Midnight shift is OVER!!!

Well I feel like i have been shredded and stuck back together with cheap glue.....
16 hours at the Square yesterday.
At least that is over.
That is my last long one - if I was at Kotara I would be up for a few more 10pm finishes and their late one is next Tuesday.
And have you heard...
seems that some of the bigger reatilers have SMELT MONEY... and are now opening on BOXING DAY..
What shits!!!!!!!
Have we not had enough?????
Its the big guys, Woolies, David Jones and Myers....
They are just all too greedy...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good and Bad

The last few days have been very good and also very bad.
My mother in law's brother passed away with cancer.
He was very hard to handle for the family that had to take care of him, with some dementia and of course ill health making the last few years very difficult indeed.

My NSW manager appeared with her side kick ( a bit like Hitler and Goebbles )and proceeded to tear shreds off me for having such poor sales figures, stating that I am doing the worst of all the stores in NSW..(blah, blah, blah).
They were both hideous and condescending with a dash of humiliation thrown in.
They also proceeded to tell me how I can "improve" because obviously it is something that I am not doing that is causing so much damage to my sales figures.
(Lets not mention the down turn in the economy and that the Square is under major renovations ).

But hope is on the horizon with a small new side project evolving....but it's just a bit of shhhh.
I will let you all know next week.

Other than that, tomorrow is the last night at the Cottage for 2008 and also it means one month left of Calendar Club.
Also Thursday means working from 9am to 12 midnight.
Oh goodie....
can hardly wait..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well if its not one thing then its the other...

Yes it's true - I am one complaining biatch!!!!
First I complain that things are slow and I am not making any money.
Now I am complaining that things are too busy and I am flat out.
Tis true.
I am one, full on, bitter, twisted complaining biatch!!!

Today was Sunday and I actually had some nice people in buying my stuff.
(See? Not complaining....)

Tomorrow the count down starts..

10 days till the fat man has his day ( oh and it's Jesus's birthday too )
Although it's not REALLY his birth date is it???

I was up way too early this morning and watched somthing called Creflo Dollar, which is a pastor from America talking about the sin of man through using his...get this...senses....
For man does not trust the word of God but goes about the world using his senses of sight, touch make his judgements about the world around him.Fancy using your own brain and making a decision for yourself!!!!!

And then I swapped to Hillsong and heard all about encouragement. At least this bloke wasn't called Creflo Dollar.But they were selling DVD's available for " a limited time only" full of encouragement and love for only $21.

Needed two cups of coffee after being made to feel totally guilt ridden for actually having feelings and using my own head to make decisions....almost bought a DVD.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

and the heavens opened...

and rained down the multitudes of humanity with their bonus Christmas cheques from Uncle Kevin and they spent heaps of money..
and it was good.
Now I am over it and I want them all to go away.
Cause they are all feral.
And they make a mess.
And they abuse me for looking at them the wrong way.
And for not knowing how to be in two places at the same time.
I have had three solid days of trade and this has helped somewhat..
I am over Christmas carols, after having heard them non stop from 10am to 8pm last Thursday.
I do not want to hear, "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and any songs about Jesus ever again.
All those people buying all that shit while listening to carols and children screaming like they are having their intestines removed through their arses and husbands yelling at wives for spending money on shit ....
and the joy of it all.
Ho Hum..
Bah Humbug...
back to the Pleasure Dome tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Integrating new thoughts

Well, well, well some interesting new ideas and feelings coming through for me. Things that I have to intergrate into my life and how I live it.
I am very aware that my current reading is greatly influencing my thoughts, and as someone has already commented, reading a book is only looking at someone elses thoughts and views - do I want to believe them?
Do they suit me?
Are they influencing me for all the right reasons?
Unfortunately this stuff I am looking at makes sense, a lot of sense.... and it changes many things.

Unfortunately this time of the year is when I lose faith in everything that is good...I see and hear too much horrid stuff and have to deal with ugly people.
I am tired of the energies that I feel around me -
I am tired of standing over power lines all day long and on a hard legs hurt.
but...I am happy to say that it is nearly Christmas and that means a day or two off and the down hill stretch.
Did you know that the Square is now going to be open on New Year's Day?
The big stores like Myes, Big W and Target are going to open up while the other smaller retailers will be closed...unless they make us open. Kotara is open too - all stores, cause obviously we need another day to shop don't we??????? And we are all going to rush in at the crack of sparrow fart on New Year's Day cause we have run out of alchohol, bread and milk.....nursing our hangovers.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Taking the piss....

I must admit that I love a good book and am always drawn to get very excited when I am in the middle of a good read.
I am currently half way through one called "Spook" by a lady called Mary Roach. She is quite interested in what happens to us after death and has written another book called "Stiff" about what happens to the body when we die.
There are some fascinating chapters about experiments on weighing the soul, you've heard the 21gm shit haven't you, also about mediums in the 1800's in England and allegedly where they would hide ectoplasm, that funky stuff that came with every good seance back then.....seems fannys are good for many things...lucky if you were a lady medium - men had more difficulty.
She also goes to a Mediumship College in England failing to have made a connection after three days ( yet the rest of the class was certain to have spoken to a dead soul or two ). She cites experiments that have been going on for years using psychics and mediums and even the best of the best only seem to get it right 50% of the time ( so I guess I am right up there with the best!He..he ).
She is not a skeptic.
She really, really wants to know that there is more to us than a fundamental character residing in a body for a certain period of time and then....poof....all gone.
You know it has never been proven that there is no life after death, just as there has never been proven that there is???? Scientifically that is.
I find it challenging and nurturing to my poor befuddled grossed out by society's narssisistic individuals mind.
Something to ponder and think about...
Have a good one.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Last Art class tonight

Well, I have just been to my last art class with Tony for 2008.
I managed to finish one art work - a picture of Nobby's at sunset - will post it tomorrow.
This one has taken so long as I have not had time to work on it at home, so I really only had classes to do it in.
I dont really feel very inspired at the moment, and painting has been a blessed relief.
I will be glad to really get back into it after Calendar Club has finished.
Will also be selling, so if anyone is interested, please be in touch.
Tonight's class was a bit sad for me. I have enjoyed the comfort of a tutor and knowing that I can ask for help and assistance if I dont know what to do or really stuff it up.I cant believe that I have been going to his classes for 10 months.
I know I will still keep in touch with Tony but it will not be the same as sitting in a weekly class.

to those of you who encountered me in my "she -devil from hell" mode this morning (Thursday) at the Square, namely Ivy for one, I apologise I was more than slightly ruffled by a very bad morning encountering people who decided to think of me as their personal rubbish bin and my stand as their play area.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Can my head stop hurting now?????

Have had one of those persistant headaches again...this is day three and it is wearing me out.
I am out of patience and just want to lie in a darkened corner.
instead, I get to listen to not one, but two school choirs today.

Two groups of kiddies who cannot sing or play musical instruments, but do so anyway for the entertainment and annoyance of everyone at the Square.

I was ready to scream - and of course, this stops any chance of any real customers coming to the stand during this time and actually spending any money as these horrible children are placed directly in front of ME....

So from 11 to 12 and then from 1 to 2.30 I just stood around with a throbbing head twiddling my thumbs......annoyed and hating Christmas with a vengeance....

Hormonal, swearing teenagers singing about baby Jesus when they really just want to drink themselves stupid and get into each others pants is just wrong...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Only 24 days to Christmas

The Christmas lights have been turned on!
The streets are starting to light up and look really pretty.
I love this time of the year - it looks gorgeous outside and some people really go all out to dolly up their houses.
We get to enjoy it for a whole month and to heck with the electricity bill!!!!
At the Square it is deadly quiet.....
like it's just not happening.

Even Santa sits on his own for hours.
Poor Santa!