Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Can my head stop hurting now?????

Have had one of those persistant headaches again...this is day three and it is wearing me out.
I am out of patience and just want to lie in a darkened corner.
instead, I get to listen to not one, but two school choirs today.

Two groups of kiddies who cannot sing or play musical instruments, but do so anyway for the entertainment and annoyance of everyone at the Square.

I was ready to scream - and of course, this stops any chance of any real customers coming to the stand during this time and actually spending any money as these horrible children are placed directly in front of ME....

So from 11 to 12 and then from 1 to 2.30 I just stood around with a throbbing head twiddling my thumbs......annoyed and hating Christmas with a vengeance....

Hormonal, swearing teenagers singing about baby Jesus when they really just want to drink themselves stupid and get into each others pants is just wrong...

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Jewell said...

poor baby...i'll bring the gin in a lemomade bottle of Thurs ngt!!!