Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well if its not one thing then its the other...

Yes it's true - I am one complaining biatch!!!!
First I complain that things are slow and I am not making any money.
Now I am complaining that things are too busy and I am flat out.
Tis true.
I am one, full on, bitter, twisted complaining biatch!!!

Today was Sunday and I actually had some nice people in buying my stuff.
(See? Not complaining....)

Tomorrow the count down starts..

10 days till the fat man has his day ( oh and it's Jesus's birthday too )
Although it's not REALLY his birth date is it???

I was up way too early this morning and watched somthing called Creflo Dollar, which is a pastor from America talking about the sin of man through using his...get this...senses....
For man does not trust the word of God but goes about the world using his senses of sight, touch make his judgements about the world around him.Fancy using your own brain and making a decision for yourself!!!!!

And then I swapped to Hillsong and heard all about encouragement. At least this bloke wasn't called Creflo Dollar.But they were selling DVD's available for " a limited time only" full of encouragement and love for only $21.

Needed two cups of coffee after being made to feel totally guilt ridden for actually having feelings and using my own head to make decisions....almost bought a DVD.


Lisa said...

christian tv will crucify you !

Anchell said...


Glad its gotten busy for you :)

Cyndy said...

Glad you used your brain & only almost bought a dvd......

Myst_72 said...

Yes, I'm sure we would serve God or whoever much better to be mindless sheep - NOT!