Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Last Art class tonight

Well, I have just been to my last art class with Tony for 2008.
I managed to finish one art work - a picture of Nobby's at sunset - will post it tomorrow.
This one has taken so long as I have not had time to work on it at home, so I really only had classes to do it in.
I dont really feel very inspired at the moment, and painting has been a blessed relief.
I will be glad to really get back into it after Calendar Club has finished.
Will also be selling, so if anyone is interested, please be in touch.
Tonight's class was a bit sad for me. I have enjoyed the comfort of a tutor and knowing that I can ask for help and assistance if I dont know what to do or really stuff it up.I cant believe that I have been going to his classes for 10 months.
I know I will still keep in touch with Tony but it will not be the same as sitting in a weekly class.

to those of you who encountered me in my "she -devil from hell" mode this morning (Thursday) at the Square, namely Ivy for one, I apologise I was more than slightly ruffled by a very bad morning encountering people who decided to think of me as their personal rubbish bin and my stand as their play area.

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