Thursday, December 04, 2008

Taking the piss....

I must admit that I love a good book and am always drawn to get very excited when I am in the middle of a good read.
I am currently half way through one called "Spook" by a lady called Mary Roach. She is quite interested in what happens to us after death and has written another book called "Stiff" about what happens to the body when we die.
There are some fascinating chapters about experiments on weighing the soul, you've heard the 21gm shit haven't you, also about mediums in the 1800's in England and allegedly where they would hide ectoplasm, that funky stuff that came with every good seance back then.....seems fannys are good for many things...lucky if you were a lady medium - men had more difficulty.
She also goes to a Mediumship College in England failing to have made a connection after three days ( yet the rest of the class was certain to have spoken to a dead soul or two ). She cites experiments that have been going on for years using psychics and mediums and even the best of the best only seem to get it right 50% of the time ( so I guess I am right up there with the best!He..he ).
She is not a skeptic.
She really, really wants to know that there is more to us than a fundamental character residing in a body for a certain period of time and then....poof....all gone.
You know it has never been proven that there is no life after death, just as there has never been proven that there is???? Scientifically that is.
I find it challenging and nurturing to my poor befuddled grossed out by society's narssisistic individuals mind.
Something to ponder and think about...
Have a good one.


Jewell said...

wow lots of time to think up there in the Square

Faerie said...

Sounds like an interesting book!

I have a book on William James and the start of paranormal research in the late 1800's which is really interesting as well ... I think it is called "Ghost Hunters"