Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Integrating new thoughts

Well, well, well some interesting new ideas and feelings coming through for me. Things that I have to intergrate into my life and how I live it.
I am very aware that my current reading is greatly influencing my thoughts, and as someone has already commented, reading a book is only looking at someone elses thoughts and views - do I want to believe them?
Do they suit me?
Are they influencing me for all the right reasons?
Unfortunately this stuff I am looking at makes sense, a lot of sense.... and it changes many things.

Unfortunately this time of the year is when I lose faith in everything that is good...I see and hear too much horrid stuff and have to deal with ugly people.
I am tired of the energies that I feel around me -
I am tired of standing over power lines all day long and on a hard floor...my legs hurt.
but...I am happy to say that it is nearly Christmas and that means a day or two off and the down hill stretch.
Did you know that the Square is now going to be open on New Year's Day?
The big stores like Myes, Big W and Target are going to open up while the other smaller retailers will be closed...unless they make us open. Kotara is open too - all stores, cause obviously we need another day to shop don't we??????? And we are all going to rush in at the crack of sparrow fart on New Year's Day cause we have run out of alchohol, bread and milk.....nursing our hangovers.


Anchell said...

Poor darling. I am over this year completely!

Which nights are very late night shopping ths year?


Lisa said...

so what are you reading?
i am on ot some wonderful stuff too but yes, care needs to be take to constantly reember that the book is just another persons perspective.
amazing though how some things just fit .........
come back to me please
the Cottage is not the same without you xx

Lisa said...
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Natalie said...

Losing faith in others is a terrible feeling - One I struggle with constantly.
Wishing you some nice, happy, soothing energy for the rest of the silly season.

Anonymous said...

Next Thursday will be till midnight...oh goody!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

how do you lose faith? is it your own expectations of others that let you down ?
BTW- the painting is indeed a masterpiece by a Master- Piece of Work !!