Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Deb

Tonight we are going to celebrate Deb's birthday. Deb is a great woman, someone who has been through a lot and has a lot of wisdom. She really adds so much to our little group. Welcome to the fabulous 50's!!!!!

I have cut off all my hair...
It just ws not doing anything.
It looked pretty dead and horrible, but beloved husband of mine did a number 2 instead of a number 3 and now I am almost bald.
its only hair.
It will grow...eventually.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great News!!!

Well today has been a great day.
Not only did I have a full morning at the Cottage for our first "Open Day" for 2009 but I also SOLD MY FIRST ARTWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am I excited and thrilled....?????????
Bloody oath I am!!!!

I want to thank Nat for being bold and making the purchase.
I dont think that she will ever know how much this sale meant to me.
My journey to paint again has been a very long one, full of avoidance and pain.
This is one of those things that I SHOULD HAVE done, many, many years ago...but found all the excuses under the sun not to.
I spent years umming and arring about it all ( you see....all I ever wanted to do was going to Uni and do a fine arts course when I left school but because of many things I never did ) and now I am so happy that I got off my fat derierre and got into it.
Just goes to show that its never too late to do what you are really passionate what are you waiting for??????

Pic No:4 for 2009

This is my latest.
I am going to have an exhibition in February along with my teacher for a charity here in Newcastle to raise money...did I tell you?
I don't have any details at the moment, so i dont know how many pics I am supposed to have.
But, as I have not sold anything yet...I think that I have plenty available.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to embarass your daughter...

Went to Kotara today.
Spent a fortune.
Now I am poor.
But I spotted a new magazine in the paper shop called "Groovy Grandmas" for females, forty and fabulous!!!!
So I bought it, to the great chagrin of my daughter who told me to stand somewhere else when I buy it.
Does anyone want a peek when I'm finished with it?
you must be female,forty and fabulous.
I need a face lift.

Last day left before baby goes back to school!

Tomorrow I am out and about with baby girl getting the last bits together before she starts another year of school.
That is....
if I can get her off the computer.
I think she has grown into the seat, just like that poor lady in America who "grew into the couch" when she had not moved in years and they had to remove parts of her flesh as they tried to prize her off her beloved piece of furniture away from the tv set.
So we are heading to Kotara for some retail therapy.
I am still feeling rather weary and worn and am waiting for quiet solititude to force me to get into the house work.
I HAVE gone through all my clothes and sorted all the crap out, which will be going to the Smith Family.
At least that's a start.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another new Blog

Well, I just created another blog for my paintings and have posted a few to start me off.
please go and have a look at:
Black Dog Artworks

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pic Number 3 for 2009

This one is of the new maritime Museum which is housed in one of the old buildings at Honeysuckle.
When my parents first arrived in Newcastle from Europe after WW2 they actually disembarked off the ship and walked into one of these old buldings for processing of passports etc.

Well since posting, I have had my teacher critique this painting and there are some improvements to be made.....mmmm..need a drink first!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh the joy of staying at home and painting...

Yep that's what I did today.
Oh and spent a bucket load of money on the baby girl - she is going back to school next week and has decided that she needs EVERYTHING!!!!!
So we went to Kotara and Orificeworks.
My next pic will be finished in a day or two..
Can't wait to show you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At last I got to see Monet

What an amazing day!
Not only was I able to spend the whole day with my family but we also headed to Sydney to catch the Impressionist Exhibition at the Art Gallery before it finishes at the end of the week.
It was amazing, moving, stunning ....
To see the real thing..
The real paintings created by these artists that I have heard about and admired ever since I read about them as a young girl.
The paintings are superb.
I had a ball.
There were still plenty of people about and sometimes it was was hard to have a good look without someones head getting in the way.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ouch...a thousand paper cuts!!!!!

I have been stripping calendars all day and night.
This is one of those tasks that you have to do at the end of the season.
The back of each calendar has to be removed and counted and packed, then sent back to the company for reimbursment.
But, with so many to do, I have paper cuts all over my fingers.
They have bled and are ouchy sore.
They are shredded and will probably hurt even more tomorrow.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So another chapter of my life has finished.
I turn the page...
to begin a new one.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pleased to meet you Nat!

Had the pleasure of meeting one of our bloggers today - Nat!
She came in and said hi.
Did you guys know that tomorrow is my VERY LAST DAY????????
I can finally rejoin the human race.
Then, well a break, painting, getting back into the swing of the Cottage and figuring out what my next step will be..
I have to de scale the house - three months of not getting into the housework is not a good thing..

Friday, January 16, 2009


2 days to go.
I dont think I can do it..........................................................................
please pray for me.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's so loud.
Everyone dissappears.....except for all the mums and a thousand strollers with ear piercing, blood curdling screaming children.

Was it hot today?
Or what???
3 days to go....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The light may be on but nobody is home...

Today I noticed so many people with no life force in them at all.
They were going through some motions......but as I looked into their eyes, I saw nothing.
A void.
Like zombi - ish stuff.
Quite spooky really.
Not one, or two, but many.

Also I noticed that so many people cannot count.
I find this every year, but this year is a stand out not only amongst younger people ( none of them can count ) but older people too.
NO ONE can calculate a 75% discount.
NO ONE!!!!!!!!
Is it sheer laziness?
Or can they just not do basic math?
Everyone hands me a $50 note for a stuffing $1.25 or $3 calendar.
I am not a f#@$ing bank and neither can I get to one during the day, but, ask people for change....and they get that glazed over look on their faces and they just stare into the air as if the power has been turned off in their brains...

I think that they only know how much money they have by the colour of the notes.

I have four days left.
Four days people!!!!

Oh Lordy I cant wait.
I am suffering through two sessions of "Bob the Builder" daily.
Good thing that the man got me ear plugs.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pic No:2 for 2009

Here is my new pic!
It caused me a lot of heartache.
Originally the pelican was on a total grassy background and it didnt look crash hot.
My art teacher suggested some ideas to improve the next one I did, but I decided to see if I could change this I added the background, and I think it is a great improvement.
You can always learn from your mistakes....
This is a special painting for a very "special" member of the family that just loves pelicans.

Friday, January 09, 2009


Well today was the icing on the Charlestown Square cake...
The cherry on the icing on the Charlestown Square cake.

There was shit, human shit, on the floor near my stand and 50,000 people proceeded to step in it and drag it the length and breath of the stand so that I could gag and dry retch until the cleaners came to clean it up ( 10 minues later )...
Don't ask me how it got there - I just smelt something really bad then looked around to on the floor.

Did you think that was then end of that????
No, no, no!!!!!
Both toilet blocks, in reach of the stand were then blocked for hours, so I just had to hold on.

Then there was vomit in the closest one....
so I held on again...

dry wretch, gag some more...

later that afternoon....
when it was quiet,
a cleaner approached me to say that she had just cleaned the biggest shit she had ever seen off the floor at the side of Gloria Jeans when we heard a scream coming from the other end of the stand...

Well there in the middle of Centre Court was THE BIGGEST, FILTHIEST, SHIT I have ever seen in my life.
Yes....right in the middle of the floor, yet again just a metre from my stand.
It was so huge I had to go and have a look.
It could not have been human but it was stank like shit.

The cleaners said that it must be a stray dog, but I had not seen a dog all afternoon.
I told them that this smelt like a prank by kids who had nothing better to do...

How vile and disgusting!!!!!

By the way, Gloria Jeans was FULL of customers who got an eyeful of the true style and carisma of the type of moron that comes to the Square.

Are you still busting to go there??????

Thursday, January 08, 2009

There was an old woman who lived in a Calendar Club stand...

Only 10 days to go...
Puppy boy Maximus is in a routine where he starts to bark at 6.20 every morning and continues until I wake up and let him in the house.
It has slowed right down again at the Square and I really do not mind.
I am back to reading my books.
Next week we will have a "Bob the Builder Show" twice daily in Centre Court to entertain me through my last days..
Boy, how thoughtful are they to do that?
I can hardly wait....
All those little kiddies running around and screaming like barbaric heathens.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Hot night..
mosquito bites...
the man snoring..
early starts..
stock taking..
trying to finding missing calendars..
tired eys..
sick of take away food..
flabby arse..
sore feet..
awaiting a bucket load of stock..
next painting is not going well..
still getting over the flu.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Thanks guys...

Thanks for all of your positive comments about my painting!
I only have 16 days to go in my retail career and they I am FREE!!!!!!!!
I am getting more stock from a store which is closing on Sunday.
This means much work and a big headache.
Oh Goody....can hardly wait.