Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The light may be on but nobody is home...

Today I noticed so many people with no life force in them at all.
They were going through some motions......but as I looked into their eyes, I saw nothing.
A void.
Like zombi - ish stuff.
Quite spooky really.
Not one, or two, but many.

Also I noticed that so many people cannot count.
I find this every year, but this year is a stand out not only amongst younger people ( none of them can count ) but older people too.
NO ONE can calculate a 75% discount.
NO ONE!!!!!!!!
Is it sheer laziness?
Or can they just not do basic math?
Everyone hands me a $50 note for a stuffing $1.25 or $3 calendar.
I am not a f#@$ing bank and neither can I get to one during the day, but, ask people for change....and they get that glazed over look on their faces and they just stare into the air as if the power has been turned off in their brains...

I think that they only know how much money they have by the colour of the notes.

I have four days left.
Four days people!!!!

Oh Lordy I cant wait.
I am suffering through two sessions of "Bob the Builder" daily.
Good thing that the man got me ear plugs.


Natalie said...

Not only can they not count, but they can't spoke proper England either.
I would KILL for only two sessions a day of BTB! Lucky girl. :D

Lisa said...

count down !!

Anchell said...



Hippy Witch said...

don't ever go back Renata, PROMISE

jewell said...

can we fix it!!!!!