Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Deb

Tonight we are going to celebrate Deb's birthday. Deb is a great woman, someone who has been through a lot and has a lot of wisdom. She really adds so much to our little group. Welcome to the fabulous 50's!!!!!

I have cut off all my hair...
It just ws not doing anything.
It looked pretty dead and horrible, but beloved husband of mine did a number 2 instead of a number 3 and now I am almost bald.
its only hair.
It will grow...eventually.


Anchell said...



jewell said...

must be going around...coz i've cut my hair off too...too hot for hair i say!!!!

Natalie said...

Well! did you see your painting proudly displayed on our wall? Looks great, eh?

Lisa said...

wonderful- it suits you

Anonymous said...

Yes Nat...I love your pic of my pic....w.w.