Sunday, February 01, 2009

A wonder filled Sunday.

An amazing day shared with amazing women who are really putting their heart and soul into their "Year and a Day" studies.
I will not mention the allocated "task" that we received today to complete, because I am not supposed to mention it, but the unmentionable thing has left me speechless..
how do I do this????
It was amazing to turn up on Saturday night and find my "Shave for a Cure" buddy from last year, Helen had had the same idea about cutting hair....great minds think alike!
Helen does look better than I do.
Then today Jane got in on the act with a head shave and she loks gorgeous too.

I look like someone has done one of those wierd photo manipulations with the computer where you can make the eyes look bigger or smaller "twisted whiskers" and someone has made my head almost dissappear..


Lisa said...

no, you dont.
you look beautiful and strong and FREE
you empower me
and alot of ohter women
we are blessed to have you
as for the unmentionable
'this is going to be good !!!!"

jewell said...

no you look great....just take off the god damn hat!!!