Thursday, February 12, 2009

Been feeling off!

Its been a painful few days with a headache developing over the last three with the meltdown coming last night.
Today I am better.
Nothing else exciting.
Applied to do some volunteer work for the Cancer Council.
Am creating a new painting.
Am wondering how Bee's tattoo went today.
I hope she is happy.
Might see some of you next week eh?
I will be in Hamilton next Monday morning as I have to put my car in for a service,
So,anyone feel like a COFFEE?????

MONDAY 16th February
at 12 Noon at "The GOURMET GOOSE" (opposite Enigma) at Hamilton.
Be there or be SQUARE!!!!

P.S.Happy Valentine's Day.


Michelle said...

If it was Tuesday I could do it....pooooooooo

Lisa said...

well i will be there- was hopign you would do YAAD monday night for me--------the girls miss you........can you let me coming for luch for sure though-smooches to your poor head xx

Jen said...

I will be there all being well!!!

Cyndy said...

I am defintely block-shaped , but my croners are slightly softer.... yep, I'm square......

jewell said...

will be there after YAAD...if it's still on this monday am?