Sunday, February 22, 2009

In my quest for a photogenic Newcastle....

Ok...dont laugh all of you local people, but I am fast realising that there is a mass of Newcastle that I have never seen and its bloody beautiful!
I took a trip of discovery to Catherine Hill Bay yesterday - never been, and there is the old coal loader sitting there over the ocean.
What a great place to photograph!
What an amazing place miles of golden sands and clear water - we DO have the most brilliant beaches in the world right here.
If that spot were in Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia there would be hundreds of hotel lining the beachfront and tourists galore fighting for a spot near the water.
In Newcastle, we want to keep it secret, shhh...... twenty people on the beach and two lifesavers....shhh too gorgoeus to share with the rest of the world for sure.

So I snapped away happily for a half hour and am hoping that I end up with one image worth painting.

Any other favourite spots out there, beaches or bays that I should be heading to girls?

By the way...
I did not sell a thing at the exhibition on Friday night.
Poo bah, humbug....
My teacher sold the lot ( 20 paintings )
What does that say?????


Natalie said...

He's better at sleeping with the boss than you. :D

Lisa said...

time to find the RENATA style of painting maybe ?

i dont know.

he is also a known artist too, so remember that- you are a known witch and elf xx

and what Nat said too.....

Anonymous said...

On goes the pentagram and off I trot to the Christians.....blessed be!w.w.

Jen said...

Damn it, I felt sure you would blitz it!! I agree with Nat and Lisa... go get em girl!!