Monday, February 02, 2009

There is certainly some deep thinking going on out there...

Boy, reading your blogs today has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions.
Such deep, deep thoughts.
You all need to be so proud of yourselves.
For not being shallow, or hollow ( even though some of you say that you may 'feel' that way ) it is not true, because you have dared to think below the surface and feel pain and emotion.
A good thing.
A very good thing.
I think so.
I rather feel pain than feel dead, cold and nothing.
It means that I am alive and dealing with my shit.
Not always pleasant.
Often horrible.
But the growth is always there.
Pain is a signal that you are a feeling, thinking person.
If you guys ever need an ear, I am about and happy to listen, but beware that I do not console for too long.

A life not a life not lived.


Lisa said...

you have been consoling me on one level or another for almost five years.
and i love you for it. xxx

Anchell said...


That is all

Natalie said...

Well said, love.