Saturday, February 28, 2009

Was that a ghost in my room this morning???

Now, believe me when I tell you that I am one of the biggest skeptics that there takes something to bang me over the head, twice, for me to believe it.
So this morning I awoke briefly to see who I thought was my husband walking out of our bedroom going off to work.
Indeed, not anything unusual.
I remember his distinct footsteps and his image was very dark, almost in silouette, featureless.
He came from around his side of the bed and straight out the door.

Trouble is, when I asked hubby about it this afternoon, he told me that he did not come to his side of the bed and when he was there the light was on and I had the covers all the way over my no way would I have been able to see him go.
So therefore...
who was it????
A mystery!!!!!!


Kathleen said...

You know as well as I do ... it was a spirit! :-)

You "should" come spend some time at my house ... I have a lot of weird happenings!

Natalie said...

Renata, something is going on. This is the third post this morning about a spirit sighting during the last 24hours.
People are posting about spirit loved ones, orbs and weird nightmares. NO-ONE slept in our house last night. Everyone had a similar nightmare and wandered about the house. (bub excluded of course)She just screamed all night. WEIRD! I am sceptical too. Really.It is so ,so strange. Something is up.

Rob-bear said...

Have you chatted with "Crystal Jigsaw" about her "tales from a haunted farmhouse in rural Northumberland"? Seems you may be sharing similar experiences.

Our daughter had an additional "resident" in her last house (Edmonton, Canada). Her friend and friend's child were sharing the house. The spirit seemed to take a liking to the child, but wasn't mean to any of them. But a few strange things happened -- like things being in different places.

Never saw the creature, but daughter had lots of stories.