Sunday, February 08, 2009

A new week....some are starting with nothing

As I sit sourrounded by my comfortable home, fan on and doggy at my feet..I am cast into the devastation in Victoria where some people who have been through the fires are starting this week with ...nothing.
How do you do that?
I know JUST DO.
But, hell, it bwould be like your identity was ripped away from you.
You are left with nothing that identifies you with who you are.
Imagine that...
We spent uears collecting our identities...this house is mine therefore I am ...a houseowner.
This child is mine...therefore I am a mother.
These clothes are mine..therefore I have bad taste in clothes ( in my case )
you would feel naked wouldn't you, without all of this?

My older daughter did a scuba diving course on the weekend....she loved it.
She's going again next weekend for some extra dives.
Maybe the man and her can go diving together.
He used to do it when I first met him 20 years ago.
Can we find a wet suit that big?


Lisa said...

the whole world seems to be at the mercy of nature at the moment- but isnt it always ??
and yes, devestating.........

Jen said...

I remember how shattering and numb we felt when we had 4 inches of water through our house... I cannot even begin to know how they must be feeling...

I sat in the car this morning after just getting back from dropping the kids to school, and on the radio they were interviewing a man who, after dinner with theri family last night - got evacuated and now everything, except what they are all standing up in, is gone. She didnt even have time to grab her bag. The last supper he called it. I just sat and sobbed. His kids are 6 and 20 months. They are still alive yes, but their neighbors who stayed to fight perished. FARK. I cant get my head around it..... has done me in for the day , thats for sure....

Natalie said...

Send money as well as our love is what I say. xx

jewell said...

send old clothes too i say.....

and hope that no-one started these fires on purpuse...if they did they should be done for man-slaughter