Monday, February 09, 2009

This pain is just too much!

I have been watching the coverage of the bushfire devastation and I just cant anymore.
Its beyond comprehension.
People have lost family
and home,
and pets.
God, its awful.
I cant think of anything else.
And there is a permanent lump in my throat.


Lisa said...

its horror renata.
most of us will never expereince true horror like this, thanking the powers that be for that

Lisa xx

Lisa said...

go see what VESNA is doing- i am working on something to raise some money at the cottage.

Michelle said...

I'm not watching, I can't, I have enough on my 'plate' and am avoiding being broken....but I am sending healing and love and will be doing something, just not watching, 20 mins the other night was bad enough.

Natalie said...

Yes, love,me too.Unfortunately for them, they can't make it go away.

jewell said...

know the feeling, last night broke down and cried when watching ABC news on the bushfires