Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pic No:6 and Pic No:7

Well here are the last two that I will do before the art exhibition next week.
I have to take my paintings in next Wednesday for the set up to be done.

THE SEAGULL ( very original title isnt it! )


I have painted both of these on previous occassions.
And these were the two that I was doing while attempting the Cathedral picture when I was getting frustrated with it.


Michelle said...

Love the reflection in the water....

I have a painting I did of that same seagull I think, in the same spot!

But yours is much better

Too weird :0)

Lisa said...

too brilliant for your own good !!

Natalie said...

I would be interested to learn of the history of the places you paint.

Do you research that stuff before you paint?

A few lines under the work you are exhibiting might be cool..... or not!


pumphouse rocks!

Anonymous said...

Ok Natalie,
I guess I just assume that most people on the blog are locals and know these places as well as I do.
Will add a few lines about each painting from now on....w.w.
P.S. I dont research....It is a bit hit and miss.
I go out hoping for inspration and the best result...sometimes the Gods do not bless me with my requests and sometimes they do.
I still do not "see" clearly and the art of it is to see beyond the image in front of you ...having trouble with that ( cause I am so anal...)w.w.

Tesah said...

Wonderful, as always