Friday, February 29, 2008

Lunch at Morpeth.

Originally I was going to go to Sydney today with some of the girls from the Cottage - but as most of us are financially cash strapped we cancelled the whole affair - quite a shame as it turned out to be such a perfect day.
So I decided to take my friend Sandy down to Morpeth for the day instead.
How glorious!
We spent the afternoon wandering through all the niky naky shops, each one more expensive than the next ( obviously catering to the lucrative Syndey market )...but some of the stuff was really cute.

We had a lovely lunch at one of the many coffee shops overlooking the Hunter River and poked around for another hour or two with a final cappuccino and banana bread before heading for home.

It was a lovely, easy, relaxing day.

A guy called Ian had a little psychic reading shop in one of the back lookes really interesting and quaint. I could really see myself doing something similar.Such a cool little setup!

12 days to go before I get my head shaved.
With everyone's help I have already raised over $300.
I would love to make it to $1000.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What time is it?

Slept in...heavy head.
Get baby girl up and get her to school.
Must have coffee.

Went to Charlestown Square yesterday to meet a friend and the place is a mess. Many of the shops are closing down and getting out before some of the internal work starts happening and there is an air of apprehension all around. I was told that even Harris Farm Fruito is going. It will be interesting to see how things progess there.
On the other hand, I just love the little shopping strips at Lambton and New Lambton. Some of the shops are so cool.The bakerys are to die for. You must try Jordon's for their array of cakes and sour dour breads.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's all about the hair!!!

I am letting it go...since I wont have it soon...and it looks like shit.
My hair, that is.

I feel like doing something funky to it before it gets shorn, like taking to it with some sissors and just going crazy..maybe???

Went and had some testing done on my middle ear to see what has been causing my vertigo, and have found out that my right ear is stuffed. Apparently my right middle ear does not send messages to my brain to balance me out, or some such I am unbalanced...well we are knew that!!!!!!


Is there something that I can do about it?
Probably not.
Just means that I may stay unbalanced for the rest of my life...ho hum.
Does this mean that I can only turn one way?
Being dizzy ( yes... DIZZY NOT DITZY )is not a pleasant sensation.
One good thing is that even though I have tinitus ( ringing in the ears )my hearing is excellent.
Yes, I CAN hear everything that the man says to me ( shhh..I'll keep pretending that I don't)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sponsor me!

The man has gone berserk!!!!
He has cut two gigantic holes in my laundry ceiling ( bastard ).

Now that the floors are finished upstairs, he is determined to do the upstairs bathroom. (Just one of our still unfinished rooms.)
We did have a bathtube sitting up there for the last 10 years ( not hooked up )and a dilemma of a badly constructed wall.
So he has decided to pull it out and move it so he can fix this wall.
Its a nightmare!!!!
I have not been able to pick tiles for the floor and walls - we did have tiles purchased for the bathroom, but we ended up using them for the downstairs laundry and they would definately not be very trendy now anyway....
The man believes that while he is still off work, that the bathroom needs to be done!!!
I need to stop him before he gets out of control.........

By the way,
I think that my "sponsor me" site is working...can someone try to sponsor me please and let me know if it works????

Friday, February 22, 2008

Art class and painting rocks.

I have attended my second art class today and am in the process of painting rocks.If you have followed Hippy Witch's blog you will know that painting rocks nearly drove her insane.
I am trying to make a commitment to painting and even though I may only go twice a month, I will perservere, cause I need to.
My teacher, Tony Moffit, is a crack up and all the ladies that I have met really enjoy the classes and the company.
We all make mistakes, and all the mistakes can be fixed.
That's very, very good!
I just have to hang in there and not pike out.
By the way,
We had a great night out last night. We went to "Lotus" at the Junction to celebrate my hubby's birthday.
The meals were lovely as were desserts and coffee.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This little exercise just cost me $1000!

Oooopps...rego overdue.
Ring mechanic book in for pink slip.
"You need two new tyres"
Book in at Argy tyres for two new front tyres.
$319 later....
go back to mechanic to get car passed.
$30 later
Pay for green slip
$280 later
pay for rego before I get pulled over by the cops
$270 later...
I have a headache....

in the meantime I was trapped in a time warp - my wristwatch stopped. It said 10.53. When I checked my mobile it also showed 10.53.
I looked again and noticed that the hands on my watch were not moving.
I checked my moible again and rememebred that I had not changed my watch to day light saving time so it was actually 11.53.
I had lost an hour.
when I noticed that my watch had stopped I was in front of the watch repair guy down at Glendale shopping centre.
How bizarre!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Gentle art of Blogging

As I went through everyone's blogs today I thought of the fact that really, the only thing that we can all count on is change.

Circumstances, health, people, they all change.... continually.
And we have witnessed this time and time again on all of our blogs.
We have been witness to illnesses coming and going, death, relationship issues,personal emotional turmoil.
We have all gone through it, and I have read and written all about it in the very short span of about the last 18 months.

I am glad I have gone through my shit and am out the other side and if nothing else, when you are in the thick of your own mess then our blogging is a testament to the fact that your circumstances will eventually change yet again.So stay in there....don't give up.None of you!

There have been times when I have been jealous of others circumstances, felt sorry for others problems, been sad with others for their losses, supported others for their decisions and scolded others for theirs.

When we chose to live, we chose to go through the good and the bad.

When we chose to blog, we allow others into our lives and we creep into theirs.

It IS fun and it IS life.

Please keep blogging.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coffee with the girls

Have been having "an issue" with shoulder pain over the past few days.
It tends to make things tedious and tiring, but I am hoping that shortly things will settle and all will be well.
Got an opportunity to have coffee and cake with Michelle, Larry, Jen and Lisa today.
Good coffees and good company!

We are all doing a little bit of inner soul searching lately either due to external circumstances or by choice, so all of us are in the middle of making life choices or accepting what the universe has dished out.

Not always easy.
Didn't someone say, "You dont always get what you want, but you always get what you need".

Sydney and an extreme boat ride!

We went to Sydney today. The man got an extreme boat ride on Sydney Harbour from the girls for Christmas and today he and my older girl took the plunge!
Unfortuantely, the whole bloody thing was delayed by 1 hour but in the end they both had a great time being taken through the heads on an inflatable and around the harbour for a thrill ride.
We also headed to Chinatown for lunch and the obligatory custard tarts.
A good day had by all and the weather stayed perfect.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hold that thought...

I dont seem to be getting anywhere with the Worlds Greatest Shave Web site at the moment. Seems that their on line donation system is still not working.
Before you put that money back in your pocket, please put it aside and I will let you know when the website will be running properly.
Thanks to all of you who have been trying..

I was talking to some girls last night about the fact that I enjoy dreaming so much because it feels like it is almost another side of me that comes alive in them - someone who is much stronger, more self assured, more in touch with her ability to cope with anything and everything. In my dreams I can do it all.I love dreaming and I dream all night long.
Now I know that we dream in spits and spurts but I am woken from my dreaming state every morning,most times I don't even get to finish the dream.Like my whole night is filled with dreaming.
In any event, I often wake more tired than when I went to bed.
Last night I dreamt that I saw my own reflection in a mirror and the person that I saw was not how I look - I was different, very different. Different in a good way. It was surprising. Is there more than one of me?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Never ask for comments as it guarantees that you won't get any...

As someone who has a great deal of experience in blogging has told me....don't ask for comments as you will not get any...and I guess she is right...

If you have been trying to get to "My shave" page to leave me some money, there has been a problem with being able to do that.Some of my friends and family have tried to leave a donation and found that the system isn't working.
I have called the mob from WGS and they have told me that this problem will be fixed later on this afternoon, so I ask that you please try again tomorrow.
If you still cannot leave your donation, please contact me.
Thank you!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Worlds Greatest Shave only a month away....

Ok time to put your money where your blog finger is and click onto my profile page and give some dosh!!
Also how about some comments????

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Great Undie Challenge!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen....
this is what I get around in every day...
cute eh?

Oh stop laughing...
so .....can't an old fart with pointy ears and cottage cheese thighs dream a little?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Clicky right to sponsor me!

Please click on "sponsor me" to give plenty of money.......
If I am going to be a almost bald pin headed big nosed pointy eared old dork it better be worth it.....

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh shit!!

What do I do now???

To cut or not to cut?

Will I or won't I?
Should I cut off all my hair for "World's Greatest Shave"?
One minute I am all for it and the next,
I can't even think about it, cause I will know that I will look like an absolute dork...on the other hand, how liberating!
Oh, this is painful....
What do you guys think?
I have registered.

a bald pin head with a big nose and sticky outy ears...
very attractive indeed....
well, if Britney can do it????????

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Two decisions!

I have made two decisions this morning...what time is it?
Only 9am!!!!!
I must be running a fever.....


I am lowering my prices for full readings to $50.
I will also be donating a percentage of money from each reading that I do this year to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

I feel good about this - time to give back.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Steamy, wet and it's a jungle out there!

It's hot and steamy - wierd, just like living on a tropical island .....oh, that's right..we do!

Our backyard looks like a jungle. Good thing it's only small, but upstairs we have had a small miracle happen.
My sister in law purchased some timber flooring a few weeks ago and we went to her place to check it out - we were so impressed that we went out and purchased it for ourselves and yesterday the man completed our spare room (one of three that will be done over the next few weeks).

This IS a miracle as we have only had old pieces of carpet as floor coverings in those rooms since the house was built over 17 years ago.

We were waiting to get enough money to purchase proper new carpet for the upstairs bedrooms, but it was always something that was not a possibility due to price.
This timber flooring system turned out to be "on special" and so easy to lay that the man managed to do one whole room in one day.

No where near the price of carpet......yay.....real flooring.
It's so pretty....
Have you heard that we are doing a gig for "World's Greatest Shave"?
We thank Helen for putting up her hand ( or head ) and shaving on the day, the rest of us will be coloring. We are going to have a big afternoon at the Cottage and I encourage you all to mark it in your diaries and come along (March 12th).
We will continue to participate in fundraising activities this year as it is a way to give back into the community that supports us.
My thoughts are with Artyfarty and her mum this week and Faerie Mary and Razor. May the Goddess light your path...