Saturday, February 02, 2008

Steamy, wet and it's a jungle out there!

It's hot and steamy - wierd, just like living on a tropical island .....oh, that's right..we do!

Our backyard looks like a jungle. Good thing it's only small, but upstairs we have had a small miracle happen.
My sister in law purchased some timber flooring a few weeks ago and we went to her place to check it out - we were so impressed that we went out and purchased it for ourselves and yesterday the man completed our spare room (one of three that will be done over the next few weeks).

This IS a miracle as we have only had old pieces of carpet as floor coverings in those rooms since the house was built over 17 years ago.

We were waiting to get enough money to purchase proper new carpet for the upstairs bedrooms, but it was always something that was not a possibility due to price.
This timber flooring system turned out to be "on special" and so easy to lay that the man managed to do one whole room in one day.

No where near the price of carpet......yay.....real flooring.
It's so pretty....
Have you heard that we are doing a gig for "World's Greatest Shave"?
We thank Helen for putting up her hand ( or head ) and shaving on the day, the rest of us will be coloring. We are going to have a big afternoon at the Cottage and I encourage you all to mark it in your diaries and come along (March 12th).
We will continue to participate in fundraising activities this year as it is a way to give back into the community that supports us.
My thoughts are with Artyfarty and her mum this week and Faerie Mary and Razor. May the Goddess light your path...


Cyndy said...

What sort of flooring is it, Lucky?

It is sooo good to have a man that can do such things....

Kathleen said...

Thankyou, I feel so blessed to have such love and support xxxx

LUCKY said...

It is called a "hevea" flooring system - a floating floor, so its not stuck to the floor. It looks like parquetry and with some bonus discounts cost only $34!!!!!!!!per metre. We got the glue and other bits and pieces for free and just had to get some underlay which was a bit extra.Three big rooms for under $2, in a million years were we going to afford flooring for upstairs.