Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You haven't seen this one!

Well blog land is next to comatose lately - are we all over it?

Or are we leading busy lives?

Well, I saw the most intriguing and exciting dvd this afternoon that I have ever seen in my whole life.

It was the most expensive dvd I have ever purchased also!

It was the dvd of the man's prostate operation!

Yes....I can hear you from here. We requested the dvd of the operation and this afternoon I sat down, with the man, totally glued to the tv set and watched him being sliced, cauterised, snipped, sewn all from within the abdominal cavity!


Did I have lunch?


But it was simply amazing.

Especially the part where the robotic tools slip in a little scoop thingy that looks like a fishing net, open it, plop in the cut prostate, close the scoopy thing up and remove it through the tube that is stuck in just above the man's belly button.

Here, I present this frozen moment in time of just that- for your astonishment.
Remember, this is happening inside the abdominal cavity which has been inflated with gas to give the surgeon space. There were six incision holes made all together to allow for instuments, which were normally three at a time ( one sucky thingy,and two cutting and caterising thingys) and a camera. So you are seeing what the surgeon was seeing while he was sitting at his machine on the other side of room.
So cool eh!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Three Cheers for Al Gore!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Al Gore has won an Oscar for his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth".
I believe that everyone should see this documentary - therefore we will be showing it at Rose Cottage on Wednesday evening March 28th as part of our "Around the Cauldron" evening.

Another great event that is being started up is the "Lights Out Australia" campaign - you can go to www.cooltheglobe.com for more details, but in short, we are being encouraged to turn off all lights that are not needed on the evening of the first Wednesday of every month.

Many of the big companies in Australia are going to do it- thus changing the skyline in our big cities, such as inner Sydney CBD for even just a few hours.

Is this achievable at the cottage on a Wednesday night during our meeting?
Should we give it a go.
First night is 7th March at 7pm ( I think that is the time!)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Healing Picture!

This beautiful painting now hangs in our bedroom. We just got it back from the framers last week.

It is a painting done by Michelle, one of the Marys, that the man requested when he found out he had cancer ( which he no longer has and will never have again thank you very much!)

It was done as a healing painting for him.

It has taken some time for us to get it framed but now it is done and it looks sensational.

Thankyou Michelle.

Every time I will look at it, it will remind me of what we have been through and of how lucky we are.

And yes, our walls ARE purple in the bedroom - doesn't it just go perfectly!

Michelle holds art classes at the cottage on the last Sunday of each month. Maybe if you come along, she can teach you to make stunning pieces like this too!

I am sitting here enjoying a "Fluffy Duck" while posting this entry.

That would take some of you back.

The others are too young to even know what a fluffy duck is!

When was the last time YOU had a Fluffy Duck eh!

I am feeling luckier by the minute!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Got a headache yet?

I am sure we all went home with a headache last night after group at Rose Cottage.

We got a taste of "The Secret" and the theories of the laws of attraction.

Some interesting comments and issues came up.

I encourage everyone to keep trying - try one thing today and see how it goes for you.

It will work- I think the strangest thing is that you have to get over the habit of feeling crap all the time. It is a new experience for many of us to actually feel happy for more that a few minutes at a time.

How bizarre that we are often more happy feeling sad ( cause it is a normal state of being) than happy (which for many of us is an abnormal state of being).

I am encouraging good luck into my life - I am now a good luck magnet!

SO there....

I am encouraging my belief that I don't know how this is going to happen but it just IS.

- what are YOU doing?

Give it a go - you have nothing to lose!

"Lucky" Renata.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Oh yes.just when you thought it was safe to go back to the hospital to have your catheter removed, in walks THE NURSE FROM HELL!!!!!

Firztly we will put ze clampf on.Ya!


Then we vill give you ze needle in your bum.It vill be painful.Ya!




Why did the man look so white when he walked back into the room where I had been waiting?



Then he had to pee three times, just to chech that his bladder still worked. ( there was a worry that the nurse from hell had pulled that out along with the catheter).

So there we were hour after hour, the man drinking litre upon litre of liquid with his bladder going on strike saying, Uh Uh baby...I ain't lettin anything go here...

After two hours and the contents of Chitchester Dam sitting in the man's bladder, we had success number one.

Half and hour later it was success number two.

Twenty minutes later we had success number three!

Then it was home at last.

Another Chivas Regal night ahead methinks!

Good News!

Just before the man went into hospital to have his operation last week we went across the road to the clinic to give a blood sample for his PSA test ( Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test: a blood test which can measure levels of a protein called prostate specific antigen.)
This little test tells us if he has any signs of abnormal, potentially cancerous, cells in his blood stream or not.
This is not fun to wait for.
This shit is serious stuff.
But, today the results came back with levels that were undetectable - WHICH IS VERY GOOD DAMN NEWS!!!!
I could wipe the sweat off my brow once again.
Also received a request to scoot down to the bottle shop ( why do they call it a bottle shop?) to buy a celebratory bottle of Chivas Regal for the man.
Which I dutifully did.
He deserves it!
Tomorrow the catheter comes out and he may regain the ability to sit still for more than 5 minutes at a time without being in pain.
Life goes on- although there are times, such as these now, where all you can do is drift through.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I know I know...or do I?



Gotta love the guy!

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Wellness NOT Illness!

From now on I will be looking at my man's state of health as his "state of wellness" and not "illness".
I think that is the far more positive way to go.
Having a catheter in is not a fun time, but the man is coping with this little hiccup.
Just a few more days and it will be removed, just in time for his birthday which is next Wednesday.

It's damn HOT again and I have woken up from another deep sleep that requires two cups of proper coffee to start my pulse.
I don't know where I have been going lately in my dreams - I wish I could remember how much fun I must have been having, cause I certainly wake up feeling like I have a hangover!

Aleks is having another Japanese lesson this morning and our weekend will be quiet.
I will ATTEMPT to do some cleaning (URGHHH!).
Why do we accumulate little pieces of paper with useless pieces of information on them, that just might be needed one day, so you keep them, just in case....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I have a reservation for tonight!

Gee the receptionist at the hospital had NO sense of humor!

When we walked in this afternoon and said that we had a reservation for accommodation for one night for the spa suite, queen size bed, including breakfast please, she was not impressed..


We were taken up to the ward and weren't there for more than 20 minutes when theatre staff came to collect the man - but he had not been officially admitted yet! So, all hell broke loose, as one nurse started filling out forms while another got him to change and another fixed the bed ready for him the be wheeled to theatre!Then they took off so fast, I had to RUN after them....

The obligatory question of, "Can you tell me what proceedure you are having done" by the theatre nurse got the response of " A penis extention" from the man..

Ask a silly question?

That DID get a laugh..

But, all is well.

The man is now much better, thank you.

It could have been much worse, with one very sick person having to be admitted to the John for emergency surgery if we had not caught it in time.

Again...some respite from worry.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, I hope you guys are getting a better Valentine's Day than I have had!

The man had to pay an emergency visit to his urology specialist today only to be told that he requires surgery for a urological problem which has to be done asap....yep...tomorrow!

Now, we could wait and get it for free at the John Hunter - but the man cannot wait!!!!!

So Dr.Givemeallyourmoney suggested the private hospital which can take him tomorrow.

Ah yes.....I can feel the money rapidly draining out of our bank account yet again as well as the blood draining out of my body.

The man is thrilled..NOT!

So this then led to our romantic lunch out together...AT CHARLESTOWN SQUARE FOOD COURT- cause our idea of actually having a "nice" lunch had just blown out of the water.


The man said that he had never felt "so effluent".

I told him that he "already was effluent"....

Yep a good day had by all.

Oh well...it could always be worse.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Am I 100% Accurate?

What's the go?
I have had 4 enquiries lately for a psychic reading and all have asked me whether I am 100% accurate!
Hell no - and I would never say so even if I thought I was.
How egotistical would I be to think that I can get it right all the time!

It makes me wonder whether these people look for someone who will tell them that, yes, they are 100% accurate. Then what happens when what was predicted does not come true?

As a member of the Australian Psychics Association I abide by their code of conduct as a professional reader, and we are told, "Do not state that you can give readings that are 100% accurate."
There must be readers out there that do.

There are so many variables.
I may tell someone something that I see happening in the near future for them, but I can be most assured that it will eventuate usually ONLY IF THEY CHANGE NOTHING....if they change something because of what has been said during a reading wouldn't that also effect the outcome?
Does that then make my initial reading inaccurate?
100% accurate - For the record, no I'm not.But I can live with that.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A new week of infinate possibilities!

As the new week begins, I reflect back on the week that was, that saw me reaching major highs and lows - emotionally and physically.

Talk about a rollercoaster ride!

Why is it so - when you try so hard for things to be smooth and right, that they can turn out so skewed and wrong?

I have still much to learn about focusing on the positive and maifesting more of it...I am still stumbling.

I bought a new book today - " The Secrets of Life" by Stuart Wilde.

Can't wait to get into it!

Maybe it will give me some more clues.

I remember watching the first few minutes of "Meduim" this week where Alison says,"Life is like a multiple choice quiz".

You ARE continually needing to pick between A - B - C or D and hoping that you have made the right choice.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Is there a crystal in that water?

After getting inspired by our crystal talk on Wednesday night I put a rose quartz in my daughter's water bottle that she takes to school.
She asked why?
So I told her about the properties of crystals in general, that water is such an excellent conductor and that the rose quartz is a loving stone and that the piece in the bottle held all my love for her in it...Awwwwww!!!!
So as she drank during the day, she would feel my love being with her..yet again....Awwwwww!!!!
I also need to drink more water, under doctor's request as, I have known that I have always had low blood pressure, but was not aware just how low it was till I had it measured a few times in one week due to some small problems that had occurred recently.
Doc said that drinking water would help me feel better - I have always felt foggy headed and lethargic, especially on rising - now I totally understand why!
One good piece of news is that because my heart beats less often per minute than the average person's it will last longer too!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hello from Capt.Creator!

Hello Earthlings.....
All this creating stuff has given me a bit of a headache! I must remember that I am a middle aged super heroine..and take it easy.
Or at least sit down and have a cuppa between creations!
This is hard work.
Have you ever tried to be totally positive about your WHOLE day no matter what?
Far our brussel sprout! (yes you!)
I must spend more time contemplating a quote from Carl Jung which states,
"What you resist - persists".
Therefore, the more I try not to get old...the older I get!mmmmmm
At this rate I should be 95 by the end of the week..

I am the creator of my Universe, and I choose to have a decent coffee shop on each corner,an easily accessible parking spot wherever I go, no washing dishes or laundry ( ever ) and a stack of friends.That will do for starters.

I have also just spent $59 on a chiropractic pillow that promises a good night's sleep.
It better...or this little Creator will be mighty pissed!
Till next time...
Capt signing off.

Remember - Save the Planet! If you wreck it, then the next closest one is Mars and we all know what a shit hole that is!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hello from the creator!

I am the creator of my Universe!
Yes I am!
I am creating a Mediumship Circle tonight at the Cottage and I am well pleased!
To all those other "Creators" out there...
What are YOU creating today?
I challenge you all to create ONE thing..
just one..
something new..
What's it going to be?
..........................I'm waiting!

P.S.That's me in my Capt Creator outfit!
You like?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

What a week!

It has been a full week for me - I have been at the Cottage almost every day this week....wow.
We had a working bee there yesterday and scrubbed the placed from floor to ceiling. It sparkles - I want to sincerely thank Deb, Leanne, Michelle and Gloria for turning up and rolling up their sleeves. The ladies worked really hard, but it was worth it to see the Cottage clean and tidy.I AM sore today and I image that they are too!
I watched "the Secret" again last night on TV. It definately is a movie that needs to be seen a few times to get the message.
My favorite phrase from the whole movie is, " I am the Creator of my Universe".That's a pretty cool statement.
Today, I am hoping to buy a T.V. and dvd for the Cottage.There is a special deal I am chasing and with the ok to purchase having been made - I am hoping that the deal will still be available.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Wow...I really DO have to be careful about what I talk about ( and therefore manifest ).Yesterday I mentioned how life was so busy and I did not have time to slow down...well today I was GIVEN the time.
Last night I had an attack of vertigo.
Anyone who gets this will know that the pain is so intense that you wish you were dead.
Unfortunately, I was also in Sydney attending an end of season function with Calendar Club at the same time.
Not pretty to be screaming in the back of a car in the car park in a different city while waiting for the ambulance to arrive!
So, I then spent 4 hours in emergency at Royal Price Alfred Hospital waiting for the symptoms to subside getting IV fluids and injections.
My friends, who I had traveled with, also waited.
It was literally a miracle that I got to a state where I could come home.
I thought that I might have to stay in hospital all night.
So today, I am very foggy and feel quite dazed, so I have been forced to slow down - and forgive me tonight at ritual.
Not sure how I will be by then.
But there you go....watch what you talk about.