Saturday, February 03, 2007

What a week!

It has been a full week for me - I have been at the Cottage almost every day this
We had a working bee there yesterday and scrubbed the placed from floor to ceiling. It sparkles - I want to sincerely thank Deb, Leanne, Michelle and Gloria for turning up and rolling up their sleeves. The ladies worked really hard, but it was worth it to see the Cottage clean and tidy.I AM sore today and I image that they are too!
I watched "the Secret" again last night on TV. It definately is a movie that needs to be seen a few times to get the message.
My favorite phrase from the whole movie is, " I am the Creator of my Universe".That's a pretty cool statement.
Today, I am hoping to buy a T.V. and dvd for the Cottage.There is a special deal I am chasing and with the ok to purchase having been made - I am hoping that the deal will still be available.


Anchell said...

Most excellent! I want to see your painting marypoo....

Romy said...

Painting is already been given to a friend as a gift.But there will be more.

Jacqui said...

Yay - Romy paints! As for the Tv and Dvd - very schmick!
Hope you got your bargain... :)

Romy said...

I did!!!!!