Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, I hope you guys are getting a better Valentine's Day than I have had!

The man had to pay an emergency visit to his urology specialist today only to be told that he requires surgery for a urological problem which has to be done asap....yep...tomorrow!

Now, we could wait and get it for free at the John Hunter - but the man cannot wait!!!!!

So Dr.Givemeallyourmoney suggested the private hospital which can take him tomorrow.

Ah yes.....I can feel the money rapidly draining out of our bank account yet again as well as the blood draining out of my body.

The man is thrilled..NOT!

So this then led to our romantic lunch out together...AT CHARLESTOWN SQUARE FOOD COURT- cause our idea of actually having a "nice" lunch had just blown out of the water.


The man said that he had never felt "so effluent".

I told him that he "already was effluent"....

Yep a good day had by all.

Oh well...it could always be worse.


Anchell said...


Cyndy said...

As Kath said to Kim; "You ARE effluent, Kim!"
It's not the best way to spend Valentine's day, Romy, but at least you know that Dr Givemeallyourmoney is putting all your heard-earned Calendar Club money to good use........I guess.... Poor lovely husband.. ;)

Anchell said...

Good luck today lovely ones....will be thinking of you.

Lisa said...

god renata- no matter how awful things are your vinigar tips way of reporting them make me laugh- I once had a valentines day nice lunch with my mother in law at coles cafeteria, so yes, I feel your pain.
love to you as always and to the man with the golden tonsils and to Dr givemeallyoumoney because we all want a dr who can live up to his name.
love you, Lisa x

Kathleen said...

Thinking of you all : )