Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Wellness NOT Illness!

From now on I will be looking at my man's state of health as his "state of wellness" and not "illness".
I think that is the far more positive way to go.
Having a catheter in is not a fun time, but the man is coping with this little hiccup.
Just a few more days and it will be removed, just in time for his birthday which is next Wednesday.

It's damn HOT again and I have woken up from another deep sleep that requires two cups of proper coffee to start my pulse.
I don't know where I have been going lately in my dreams - I wish I could remember how much fun I must have been having, cause I certainly wake up feeling like I have a hangover!

Aleks is having another Japanese lesson this morning and our weekend will be quiet.
I will ATTEMPT to do some cleaning (URGHHH!).
Why do we accumulate little pieces of paper with useless pieces of information on them, that just might be needed one day, so you keep them, just in case....


Anchell said...

So that one day in the distant future we can wade through them and suddenly think "where did all this crap come from".
I too have had a morning of dealing with bits and pieces that have no home and can no longer share mine..plurgh.
Hello 'the man'..

Lisa said...

hello mary elf and hello the man- bring on the wellness i say ! ( but not in fluent japanese like Little witch)

Anchell said...

does that go "bling on the rellness" ???

Romy said...

Harooow - yes.
Ahsooo - re are turning Japaneezee!

Cyndy said...

I learry think sooooo....