Sunday, February 25, 2007

Healing Picture!

This beautiful painting now hangs in our bedroom. We just got it back from the framers last week.

It is a painting done by Michelle, one of the Marys, that the man requested when he found out he had cancer ( which he no longer has and will never have again thank you very much!)

It was done as a healing painting for him.

It has taken some time for us to get it framed but now it is done and it looks sensational.

Thankyou Michelle.

Every time I will look at it, it will remind me of what we have been through and of how lucky we are.

And yes, our walls ARE purple in the bedroom - doesn't it just go perfectly!

Michelle holds art classes at the cottage on the last Sunday of each month. Maybe if you come along, she can teach you to make stunning pieces like this too!

I am sitting here enjoying a "Fluffy Duck" while posting this entry.

That would take some of you back.

The others are too young to even know what a fluffy duck is!

When was the last time YOU had a Fluffy Duck eh!

I am feeling luckier by the minute!


Cyndy said...

I can't remember that far back, Renata! Do you have the ingredients at home????? I'm impressed if that's the case; you must have a well-stocked liquor cabinet......
That certainly is one sensational painting, although I doubt you will ever forget the events of the past months. Carry On!!!!

Anchell said...

A fluffy duck! Oh, its been quite a while for sure.....damn it. Now my ducks are plucked and hanging by there feet in some chinese fast food shop window.....grrr
Picture looks pretty damn good on that wall maryelf

Amorah said...

My last Fluffy Duck was drunk 18 years ago while sitting in a University Dorm playing the "Fluffly Duck" drinking game - Now there's a laugh! Beautiful Painting! Karen

Jacqui said...

Beautiful painting... love the colour of the walls too. But what ON EARTH is a fluffy duck??????????

romy said...

A fluffy duck is most simply put Advocaat Liquer mixed with lemonade and very very addictive!!!!
I am sure that there are more complicated ways of making it but way complicate a beautiful thing!!!!

Lisa said...

doesnt fluffy duck have a raw egg in it elf ? painting looks great- it brings through the mans grandmother on his fathers side- she is one of his guides.....

Rhia said...

The last time I had a fluffy duck I was 14! - my girlfriends mother mixed them up for us! - Jane (thats 23 years ago folks)