Sunday, February 11, 2007

Am I 100% Accurate?

What's the go?
I have had 4 enquiries lately for a psychic reading and all have asked me whether I am 100% accurate!
Hell no - and I would never say so even if I thought I was.
How egotistical would I be to think that I can get it right all the time!

It makes me wonder whether these people look for someone who will tell them that, yes, they are 100% accurate. Then what happens when what was predicted does not come true?

As a member of the Australian Psychics Association I abide by their code of conduct as a professional reader, and we are told, "Do not state that you can give readings that are 100% accurate."
There must be readers out there that do.

There are so many variables.
I may tell someone something that I see happening in the near future for them, but I can be most assured that it will eventuate usually ONLY IF THEY CHANGE NOTHING....if they change something because of what has been said during a reading wouldn't that also effect the outcome?
Does that then make my initial reading inaccurate?
100% accurate - For the record, no I'm not.But I can live with that.


Anchell said...

100% accurate is a pretty tall order....people are is life.....ahhhh the strange life of people......I think I am going mad..............

Jewell said...

you mad never....ahhhh....but yes people are very strange i think they want some-one to tell them what they must do rather than them working it out for themselves.....

Well i always thought you were very close to 100% LOL

Lisa said...

I have been to one Newcastle reader who told me that she was 100%. She was wrong and rude to boot.
I have always told people who say 'are you any good?" that i , like everyone, have good days and bad days.......
Honesty counts......
NO ONE is 100% accurate while free will is involved......
love to you
me x

Tesah said...

No one can be 100% accurate, but I think you're right up there!