Thursday, February 01, 2007


Wow...I really DO have to be careful about what I talk about ( and therefore manifest ).Yesterday I mentioned how life was so busy and I did not have time to slow down...well today I was GIVEN the time.
Last night I had an attack of vertigo.
Anyone who gets this will know that the pain is so intense that you wish you were dead.
Unfortunately, I was also in Sydney attending an end of season function with Calendar Club at the same time.
Not pretty to be screaming in the back of a car in the car park in a different city while waiting for the ambulance to arrive!
So, I then spent 4 hours in emergency at Royal Price Alfred Hospital waiting for the symptoms to subside getting IV fluids and injections.
My friends, who I had traveled with, also waited.
It was literally a miracle that I got to a state where I could come home.
I thought that I might have to stay in hospital all night.
So today, I am very foggy and feel quite dazed, so I have been forced to slow down - and forgive me tonight at ritual.
Not sure how I will be by then.
But there you what you talk about.


Lisa said...

oh baby, that sounds awful, horrible and shocking- you poor thing, my heart is breaking. Were you with Sandy & Michelle ?

Kathleen said...

Glad you are a more centred today : )

I did this to myself a few years ago as well ... only it involved a tick biting me on the throat - which I happen to be allergic to - afterwards I saw the "funny" side of getting exactly what I asked for (throat chakra!)

The Law of Attraction in Action!!!

Amorah said...

What a horrid experience and what a blessing you had support and treatment. Breathe, relax and TAKE the time you need! If there is anything I can do from this end to support you please just let me know!
Hugs, Karen

Anchell said...

Deary me mary, why didnt you ask to win lotto?

Bee said...

you and your virdigo did well tonite it was all good xxxx

Romy said...

Lisa - it was Sandy and Patty and her hubby. Michelle must have had a wiff of what was on the cards.
Kathleen - law of no like!
Amorah - Thanks.I will keep you in mind.
Anchell - Someone from Newcastle DID win MY $7 million from the $2 lottery. So upset am I!