Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Life waits for no man.

I have taken a short break from writing our Lammas ritual for tomorrow night for the Cottage" to contemplate, for a moment, (cause contemplation can give you a headache)just how life rolls on regardless of what is going on.
When the man was told he had cancer last year, it was my darkest time. I needed the world to stop spinning, or at least slow down, so I could "get a grip", but it didn't. Actually, the days steam rolled along at break neck speed as if to say,
"Hurry up...make some choices, do something, work it out and do it now!"
It's been a week since Calendar Club finished and I have not had time to breath - I have swung into Cottage life and my days are once again filled to overflowing.
I was supposed to have time to think....but I haven't.
So it's time to go forward and not back.
Yes, this IS Good.
Tiring, but good.
And I am very lucky - all is well.


Kathleen said...

A time of "Stepping Up" for all of us : )

Anchell said...

Yes, it can be relentless but at least its different every day, well, most days, okay sometimes its the same .....ah crap

Bee said...

thinking can give you a headache to

Jewell said...

anytime you need a helping hand...just shout...not too loud or you might wake Baby Bear...but let me know always happy to help