Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Rose Cottage" Neopagans

"Rose Cottage" Neopagan Community.
Well, I have been talking to our intrepid leader about a small change of name for our group for the new year.
It has been approved by Lisa, but I will definitely be running it past the girls and boys tonight for a general rating and see what people think.
It broadens our spectrum of involvement and makes us more than just pagans, witches, etc..

If you look at the explanation of the word "neopagan" from wikipedia it is as follows,
The term "Neopagan" is used by academics and adherents alike to denote Pagan traditions which are largely modern in origin, or which are conceived as reconstructions, continuations or revivals of ancient practices. While "pagan" (lowercase) is still used by many to denote an irreligious person, adherents of modern Pagan and Neopagan religions capitalize these words because, in these cases, the words are being used to describe a religion, or members of a religion, "in the same way as one would describe a 'Christian' or a 'Jew'."[2]

"Neopagans" provides a means of distinguishing between historical Pagans of ancient cultures and the adherents of modern religious movements. The category of religions known as "Neopagan" includes Wicca, Non-Wiccan Religious Witchcraft, Neo-druid faiths, and many others.[4]
So what do we all think?
Are we ready for this change?


Kathleen said...

Hi Renata, Yes, I will be able to come in early on Monday to get started on the Library.

I will stay for the Goddess Circle as well : )

I personally love the name "Rose Cottage" just as it is.


Bee said...

change is good

Lisa said...

I love what you are doing with the Cottage my sister. it is certainly responding to your touch.