Saturday, January 27, 2007

Two days before High School!

Our baby girl is starting High School this Tuesday.Wow!
We asked her today if there was anything that she would like to do on her last days of "freedom".We thought that she might want to go out somewhere, see a movie, go for a drive to Nelson Bay, etc...but no, it was "more internet time" and "let's go to Graphic Action" ( which is a store in town specialising in Manga and graphic art).
Yes...we have a serious computer geek in our midsts.
I suppose it IS my fault.As the man pointed out, I used to sit her on my lap, cause she was too small to sit at the computer on her own,when she first started.How old was she? Four or five I think.
She does look so grown up in her new uniform. Let's hope that she actually learns to do some study this year....dont worry Aleks I will MAKE sure that you study!

My mother in law fell over on Saturday night while going to the toilet just before midnight and managed to break her foot in three places.She had an operation yesterday and had plates put in and is now recovering.We went to see her yesterday at the John.She is a private patient - yet there were no private beds available so she was in a room with three other people.When the man asked whether she would be transferred at some stage to a private room, he was told that probably not.So much for paying for private health care.We walked into a room chockers full of people visiting the other patients and mum in law was still groggy and fuzzy having just had the op.How delightful.I would really appreciated my privacy at that point, especially if I was going to hurl or was yelling in pain or something - but no, lets just pop you into a room with another 20 people so that you can hurl on public display!

Another week begins!


Jacqui said...

Poor MIL! Sending love and light and prayers she gets that private room.
J xXx

Anchell said...

Oh dear! Please give her my love....poor mother in law....just when she thought she'd get a break from sore feet!

Romy said...

I will thanks.

Jewell said...

sorry to hear this love....use the "sercet" get her a private room...:-)