Saturday, January 06, 2007

Last Days...

The infamous Khyber Pass - where they can stick their calendars!!!!

Tonight I got the man to print out some "last days" signs for me to put up at the calendar stand...oooohhh, so close I can almost believe it to be real.
Yeh, yeh, I know...I have two weeks left, but on Monday I go to 75% off and I want every bastard that walks past to buy a freaking calendar!!!
Considering that I just got another $65,000 worth of stock last Thursday and I will be getting another $45,000 worth 4 days before I close!
Yep, go figure!
Why am I getting this now?
Because it means that the company does not have to do the dirty work at the end of the sales stupid operators will do it and the worst is....we do it for FREE!!!!!
I so hate this part of the season.
It makes the end bitter sweet.
It just makes me bitter.
And any day now...I will say "I will never do this again."
"They can stick it up their khyber pass."
Oh well.
Such is life. I need to shut up and just get on with it.
This time next month I will be sitting enjoying a coffee with the Mary's.


Anchell said...

and we shall wipe the drool from your chin and everything!

Bee said...

bring on the coffee days

Amorah said...

The end is near... the coffee is calling... Hang onto your Hat 'cause they will try and buy that too! Karen

Jacqui said...

You'd better be!