Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thought of the Week!

If you want to hear God laugh... just tell him your plans!

Lots on at "Rose Cottage" in the next few weeks.
We start up again this coming Wednesday, 17th January.
Still only $10.Coffee and tea afterwards.
Starting at 7pm.
This Wednesday will be a night of welcoming back everyone.

In the coming weeks we have already booked in Helen Adams who will be presenting a talk on astrology ( 31/01/07 ) and Monika Kwong, our favourite crystal lady, who will be talking about clearing and cleansing with crystals ( 7/02/07 ) - there will also be crystals for purchase on the night.
Leanne will recommence Belly dancing on 29th Jan - Monday night at 6pm.
We are also planning Art workshops on Saturday afternoons with Michelle.
Friday night Drumming Circles with Larry.
Full moon group.
Awaken the Goddess evenings.
"Rose Cottage is also becoming environmentally active this year - we need to walk the walk as well as talk the talk and we will be participating in some environmentally based activities that will see us out and about in the community. Yay! (great idea Deb!)
So what's stopping YOU from coming along eh?
Nothing I hear you say.....
Well be there or be square!!!!


Kristy-Lee said...

Can UpDuffs do belly dancing?

Jacqui said...

I'm sure they can.... I'm starting on the 29th....

Kathleen said...


Jewell said...

belly dancing is not really good for you in your last termister dear one, so maybe talk to your midwife/dr about it before starting

Bee said...

sounds all good to me,i shall bee there

Fianna said...

Hello Romy,
I am from Sydney, however my family are all up in the Newcastle area and I have wanted to catch up with Raihn and yourself at the cottage, unfortunately, no one has been home when I have come up, and it's a fair hike. I have left emails and even a note on the door of the cottage, I read Raihn's blog today and realise that maybe she isn't up to answering the door, so that's fine. I was wondering if you are running tarot classes this year, I have two adult neices who live locally in Newcastle who are seriously interested?
Blessings in love and light Fianna