Tuesday, January 30, 2007

School starts!

Today was D-Day!My baby started High school!
Yes...she was very nervous, but when we got there we immediately found her friend and from then on she was fine.
I couldn't wait for her to get home to hear about her day.
She liked it - it was a whole new system.
Most impressive event? She got a locker at school.
I am very happy for her.
I hope she still likes it in a week's time.
It is still sooo hot isn't it.
I can't function in weather like this.
Actually, I am finding it hard to adjust to the change now that I am not doing Calendar Club.
I feel I should be doing something...but I don't know what?
Did a Goddess Circle at the Cottage last night with Leanne - she was really good!
I recommend it.It should be a fun group!


Anchell said...

My kids all HAD to have a locker in yr 7 and never used it after the first month and left everything thet needed in it all the time.......good luck with your high school baby....if you want her to learn how to do the least work possible, write really funny silly stories and talk in class A LOT then send her over to sit with my kid!

Cyndy said...

A L0CKER....HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!! I think my kids would turn green. My baby started biggest school too, and so far, seem un-fazed by it all......

Bee said...

hooray to little witch

Lisa said...

little witch is not so little- a locker, wow.........