Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Meme for meme....

Yeah I hear you...what a party pooper!!!!
But I have been in Sydney today in the energy zones of crazy people blurting ang spurting about spirituality and trying to sell me magical water and ion converters and totally silly shit ( please - I apologise if I have offened here ) but I am a bit over all the hype that goes into the sales side of things.....
I was at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival and today is/or was the day to go - at least you could move around freely and there was a smaller amount of crazy people....
now that is my excuse for not doing the meme Wendt and by the way Jen tagged me a day or two ago so I have been just as "ignorant" there too.....
no offence girls...I may surprise you and still get it done..
but not today - I need to go and cleanse myself in my magical shower with some "magical water where my simple thoughts can just...blah..blah...blah......"

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pic No:18 for 2009

Initially I thought this was going to be easier than it turned out to be - feathers, water.....what a bugger but I am almost done here.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great night last night!

There is awlays a lot of prep for a night like last night ( dedication night ) and even though I go over and over things in my own head to make sure that nothing is forgotten, I am sure glad when the ritual goes off without a hitch!
I was very pleased with last night - I am sure that Lisa and Diana feel equally thrilled about the evening as do all the Yaaders.
We tried to make it special.
The late night supper was a welcome relief - thanks for the pikelets and fruit Lisa!
It was lovely to see the effort in the gifts goes to show that not always are the mose expensive gifts the most thoughtful ones....
now to set my students to task.....
I have to do you all justice...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Can you stop shopping for a minute please?

I think that Anzac Day is one of the most important days on the calendar for us Aussies and yet those arse holes that manage the big centres still feel the need to open up their stores even for just a few hours.
It's revolting.
Could we get by without a day of shopping?
Would we really starve?
Is there any cause left, at all, that deserves some homage and respect?
Obviously not - we have killed Easter, Christmas, New Years Day ......they are just another day in the year....
It amazes me how much people buy! I thought about it today, many times over, while I stood in cues at Woolies,Target, Kmart and the liquor shop.
Image our grandparents heading home from "shopping" 80 years ago with a bag of essentials only...and that probably had to last for days.
Now we just go and fill up till our trolleys are overflowing ( and you know how bloody huge the trolleys are getting now ) - its positively freaky....
Tomorrow...a day with family, a drink of thanks to the diggers, and an evening with my sisters at the Cottage - how cool!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stop the world I want to get off!

Spent a few hours at the art exhibit today down at Waratah in the old Bowling Club but I must say that the patronage of it has been woeful!
We are lucky to get a few people in the door every day.
Oh well - still selling nothing!
Took Aleks to Borders where she spent $60 on two books and had coffee with a good friend.I also got a book called "The witch of Kings Cross - the story of Rosalie Norton" - it is full pics of her great paintings.
Cooked cakes and went to buy more paint brushes and arty shit.
Bought two herb plants yesterday as a start to my herb garden - a small bay leaf plant and some peppermint ( cause I loved the smell when I ripped off some leaves ).
They are currently on my kitchen window sill but will be moved to my "herb garden" which I plan to create in my back yard ( Oh I hear hubby laugh out loud, as, you see I cannot even grow dirt!)...
Tomorrow, I will go see another art teacher who has a class just down the road from me, I have go go pick up my paitings, clean up and entertain 5 x 15 year old for a "movie afternoon" - help!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pic No:17 for 2009 - Fort Scratchley

Just a little one to add to my collection.
Hubby called it "Pinnochio"..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Facing the oldies at the Newcastle Art Society

Today I had to present my works for appraisal at a meeting of the Newcastle Art Society so that I can become a member.
Hmmmm...this is a different group to what I already belong to - I am already a member of the Society of Newcastle Artists ( are you still with me???)

I need to belong to these things so that I can exhibit my art and get some sales - my paintings are of no use to me looking nice in the corner of my spare room, although I love them all like my children....
I had to sit through a whole meeting where photocopy amd stamp prices where discussed, motioned and seconded and my life force slowly drained away...
but the people ARE really social and nice and they had a good vibe, although I would have been about the youngest one there.
I will now have to keep my hair grey just to fit in!!!!!!

Have not done a lot of painting but am just about finished a small one which I will post in a day or two.Its of Fort Scratchley.

Doing a stint of volunteering at an exhibition at Waratah at the old Bowling Club building, near the Cottage tomorrow.
This is part of the second groups week long exhibit for the Ethnic Communities Council and I have donated my time tomorrow and Thursday to man the exhibit in case someone wants to make a purchase ( buy mine!!!! buy mine you bastards!!!)
Maybe if I am there I might talk someone into it....
Is that ethical????
My life is being guided at the moment, I just have to go with the flow.....I just wish it wasn't a torrent.....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A small show at "Sunny's"

I will be exhibiting some of my art works at "Sunny's" Cafe, Islington from 4th May.
I may even organise a opening of some sorts ( yet to talk it through with the owner )..of course you will all be invited!!!
One busy little painting lady indeed..
Have not done anything new over the last few days..too busy workng in a "real" job.
But this finishes tomorow and I can finally get some sleep and painting done.
How does one stop putting on weight? I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.......

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Come on Mary!

Well did you hear about that poor Irish guy that got beaten up last year and went into a coma?
He has woken up!
A miracle!
And his parents claim that they have been praying to Mary McKillop ( see my side bar ) for over seven months!!!!!
Come on Mother this the miracle we have been waiting for?
The Vatican refuses to make her a saint because we have needed another miracle...I put out the call quite some time ago...maybe I have been heard??????

Monday, April 13, 2009

All over the place like a dog's breakfast!

Have had a hard time getting going today - a day at home and a zillion loose ends to tidy up. Have to deliver lots of paintings at the end of the week ( a few to an exhibition and a few to a competition ).Maybe some sales will come from that...hoping!

Have just booked "The Zone" - laser force game place for my daughter's 15th birthday party for next month.Sheee!!!!
What do you do for 15 year olds????
I was not going to have them running round my house ( we really do not have the facilities ) so the alternative was to throw plenty of money at another venue...and everything else was 'so gay'...we finally compromised.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is my Easter gift to my daughter - I hope she will like it.
I started this one on Thursday and it has been very hard work!
I have said to my hubby that I now appreciate the masters more and more when I sit down to try to put paint to canvas and make something look like it should - how DID they do it when one stroke of the brush can send everything up to buggery..

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Crack of Dawn on Good Friday

The hounds of hell woke me at 6am this morning.
I threw them a bone each to shut them up only to have to get up again 15 minutes later because the useless walking throw rug had snaffled farty pug's bone and the small stinky one was letting all hell break loose.
To stop the neighbours coming round and chopping my head off, I got up to keep the peace.
Sometimes...I would rather be dogless.
Then came a session with the demented one, who forgot all her money and spent the next two hours looking in her bag for the missing $50 note that she had sworn she had put in there.
No matter how many times I told her that she must have left it at home, she would not believe me and had another look inside her bag just in case it had magically appeared in the last five minutes.
It is becomming quite evident that any time away from the home is causing her much stress and I am wondering what the next step will be.
Came home, and got my just desserts ( almond and orange cake with heaps of fresh cream ) and now I sit and digest.
Peace to the world...
P.S.The Pope was supposed to wash the feet of 'ordinary' people today but it cetainly looked lke a bunch of bishops to me...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy easter from the Circus Tent!

The amazing painting lady wishes you all a safe and happy Easter with lots of chocolate so that you all get a fat arse!

I will be painting tomorrow - have to finish a portrait of my daughter which I will be agonising over on very Good Friday.

Also have a date with the demented one ( my mother ) and with a slice of flourless orange and almond cake with a shit load of cream at some point when I can be by myself and drool in quiet solitude...

and a full moon ceremony tomorrow night, because witches do such things...

a day off to savour and enjoy life and to sleep in!
Blessings to you all!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Excuse me while I swallow what's stuck in my's called my pride! I hate sucking up to managers who are nit pickers and power hungry arse holes.....
how many days have I been working?
Yes..its been an ongoing saga with an old employer ( won't mention any names cause blogs are a bitch and I dont want to get sued for slander )....
Last week, I got a phone call to do some work..
After the shock, I said yes of course ( money being the root of all evil ).
Today my state manager came to pay a visit and did the once over on the kiosk and paper work that I have been doing ( mind you I have had no refresher training and it has beeen two years since I did this job ).
After that, I was told other gems of stupidity that only someone who has not worked on a kiosk for any period of time could possibly dish out and told that I could only hope to get the dregs of work that no one else wants ( if I was lucky ).
This might mean that I could travel to Raymond Terrace, Greenhills ( not too far ) or the Central Coast (mmmmm...somewhat further ) as all of the top spots such as Kotara and Charlestown are already taken.
Oh and by the way...there are no guarantees that I would get anything at all, especially if I am silly enough to make any misakes in the mean time... ( watch that paperwork girl!)
To this I had to bow low and be thankful ( cause the ecomony is stuffed and no one wants a 50 year old has-been )...
So let me swallow deeply and clear my throat...

Friday, April 03, 2009

Pic No:16 for 2009

I am really happy with the way this on has come out.
This was taken at the same time and place that my seagulls were ( see last post ).
Went into town on Thursday and spoke to a guide at Fort Scatchley who gave me a terrific talk about the tunnels under the Fort. They were constructed in the very late 1800's! Wow, I thought they were dug up before WW2, but no, much earlier - seems like we were a very important place in the early 1900's with all that coal in our hillsides.
Newcastle has an amazing history - I might just go for a tour down those tunnels when I get a chance.I actually also saw a picture of the old Zaara street power station where now the housing commission flats are located near Newcastle beach - cant even remember that being there?

There used to also be coal loaders straddling King and Hunter streets so that the coal could be loaded directly onto the ships in port. How different it must have all looked back then!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pic No : 15 for 2009

This was taken last Friday out near the Swansea bridge.
A pelican at the same location is my next project.