Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stop the world I want to get off!

Spent a few hours at the art exhibit today down at Waratah in the old Bowling Club but I must say that the patronage of it has been woeful!
We are lucky to get a few people in the door every day.
Oh well - still selling nothing!
Took Aleks to Borders where she spent $60 on two books and had coffee with a good friend.I also got a book called "The witch of Kings Cross - the story of Rosalie Norton" - it is full pics of her great paintings.
Cooked cakes and went to buy more paint brushes and arty shit.
Bought two herb plants yesterday as a start to my herb garden - a small bay leaf plant and some peppermint ( cause I loved the smell when I ripped off some leaves ).
They are currently on my kitchen window sill but will be moved to my "herb garden" which I plan to create in my back yard ( Oh I hear hubby laugh out loud, as, you see I cannot even grow dirt!)...
Tomorrow, I will go see another art teacher who has a class just down the road from me, I have go go pick up my paitings, clean up and entertain 5 x 15 year old for a "movie afternoon" - help!!!!!!


jewell said...

herb gardens grow themselves, i should know mine has taken over one corner

no so good re paintings...don't lose heart...things will start moving soon

Vania said...

Chin up, things will work themselves out, they usually do - re. party, just grin and bear it, nothing else can be done - you never know, you might have a ball! Good luck!

Michelle said...

They don't call us starving artists for nothing you know :)

Dragonesque said...

Perhaps you need to be watering your dirt more in the summer and less in the winter. Just a thought.

Cyndy said...

Don't bother cleaning up for the 15yr olds, WW. That's a job for later: why do it twice?

It's always good to have a new challenge. I've got very non-green fingers too. ;0)

Jade E. Henderson said...

ah well it is all experience - when you start selling no worries they will be lining up!
Good luck with the teenager lol and give them a bucket and mop before they go!

Lisa said...

as an artist i do believe you are suppose to starve-