Saturday, April 18, 2009

A small show at "Sunny's"

I will be exhibiting some of my art works at "Sunny's" Cafe, Islington from 4th May.
I may even organise a opening of some sorts ( yet to talk it through with the owner )..of course you will all be invited!!!
One busy little painting lady indeed..
Have not done anything new over the last few days..too busy workng in a "real" job.
But this finishes tomorow and I can finally get some sleep and painting done.
How does one stop putting on weight? I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.......


Jade E. Henderson said...

That'll be awesome doing your own wee show! I hope it all goes well, and you should definately do an opening night! check here they have GREAT bargains for printed stuff, my photographer mate put me onto them I used them and got them postcards for my art in the yard, and very cheap if you pick the 'free' ones you only have to pay for process/posting.
Putting on weight? I'm the queen there lol

Michelle said...

Oh cool.....once upon a time i was the painting I just want to kill people :(

I will come!

woo hoo

Lisa said...

i have never been the painting lady- far too busy being a bitch xx

jewell said...

just stop eating...that was my Dr's advise re weight

great news re your showning..will see if i can make it

Anonymous said...

Stop eating pizza!!!!LOL

Bee said...

if one finds out please tell one,,,,,,