Thursday, April 09, 2009

Crack of Dawn on Good Friday

The hounds of hell woke me at 6am this morning.
I threw them a bone each to shut them up only to have to get up again 15 minutes later because the useless walking throw rug had snaffled farty pug's bone and the small stinky one was letting all hell break loose.
To stop the neighbours coming round and chopping my head off, I got up to keep the peace.
Sometimes...I would rather be dogless.
Then came a session with the demented one, who forgot all her money and spent the next two hours looking in her bag for the missing $50 note that she had sworn she had put in there.
No matter how many times I told her that she must have left it at home, she would not believe me and had another look inside her bag just in case it had magically appeared in the last five minutes.
It is becomming quite evident that any time away from the home is causing her much stress and I am wondering what the next step will be.
Came home, and got my just desserts ( almond and orange cake with heaps of fresh cream ) and now I sit and digest.
Peace to the world...
P.S.The Pope was supposed to wash the feet of 'ordinary' people today but it cetainly looked lke a bunch of bishops to me...


Vesna Designs said...

LOL...too funny...yeah...I too wish at times I was dogless, not because this one barks, far from that, she never barks, its not in her crazy beagle nature...neah, she just chews up everything in the yard including my roses !!!

angela said...

not to mention that vow of poverty, the gold platter makes a great foot washing bowl.
As for the dogs, well gotta love them.

Lisa said...

which dementted one ? whats going on ?

Cyndy said...

Another birthday, and look what's happened to Lisa.
And it's usually easier to look for what's 'lost' rather than reason.....nothing is ever what it seems. It must be very confusing in your mum's world these days. Get more help if you need it. It'a such a hard & curly path that you & your Mum are walking.

You earned your cake, ww. ;0)