Friday, April 03, 2009

Pic No:16 for 2009

I am really happy with the way this on has come out.
This was taken at the same time and place that my seagulls were ( see last post ).
Went into town on Thursday and spoke to a guide at Fort Scatchley who gave me a terrific talk about the tunnels under the Fort. They were constructed in the very late 1800's! Wow, I thought they were dug up before WW2, but no, much earlier - seems like we were a very important place in the early 1900's with all that coal in our hillsides.
Newcastle has an amazing history - I might just go for a tour down those tunnels when I get a chance.I actually also saw a picture of the old Zaara street power station where now the housing commission flats are located near Newcastle beach - cant even remember that being there?

There used to also be coal loaders straddling King and Hunter streets so that the coal could be loaded directly onto the ships in port. How different it must have all looked back then!


Michelle said...

Is that pelican poo all over those magnificent rocks???

What a guy!

Anonymous said... imagine me sitting there asking myself how do I paint poo???????w.w.

Jade E. Henderson said...

This is a beautiful painting Renata!!

Michelle said...

Oh dear :)