Friday, April 24, 2009

Can you stop shopping for a minute please?

I think that Anzac Day is one of the most important days on the calendar for us Aussies and yet those arse holes that manage the big centres still feel the need to open up their stores even for just a few hours.
It's revolting.
Could we get by without a day of shopping?
Would we really starve?
Is there any cause left, at all, that deserves some homage and respect?
Obviously not - we have killed Easter, Christmas, New Years Day ......they are just another day in the year....
It amazes me how much people buy! I thought about it today, many times over, while I stood in cues at Woolies,Target, Kmart and the liquor shop.
Image our grandparents heading home from "shopping" 80 years ago with a bag of essentials only...and that probably had to last for days.
Now we just go and fill up till our trolleys are overflowing ( and you know how bloody huge the trolleys are getting now ) - its positively freaky....
Tomorrow...a day with family, a drink of thanks to the diggers, and an evening with my sisters at the Cottage - how cool!!!


Lisa said...

i agree- tis one friggin day xx

Anonymous said...

My grandmother went to town one a week.They had 6 kids , so one day is not to much to ask, but wait and see the people will be waiting outside for the shops to open , just why I have no idea. We seem to need to shop everyday. I do did not wish to see what this country will be doing in 50yrs time. I am very saddened by this. Vicki xxxxx

Jen said...

wish i could come with the sisters tomorrow night.... sigh. have fun


Julie's Art said...

Totally agree with everything you have said here,I just don't understand it all either