Monday, December 31, 2007

You just CAN'T stop the Music....

I am sitting here watching "You can't stop the music" with the Village People...
I remember watching it back in 1980 before I knew they were all gay.
Such an innocent.
Also check out this u tube video...
it's a total crack up

have a good one.
The man has just made a pavlova with the left over egg whites from all his cooking at Christmas.
We had such a quiet New Years - watched the 9pm fireworks in town and then came home and watched the Sydney fireworks on TV.
What did you do?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year

Mmmmmm, only two days to go and then we get to start all over again.
Another year, another go round the wheel.

Anyone making resolutions?

I have a few, but I am keeping them a secret.

We are going to have a very quiet New Years - rather boring really.
I am hanging out for a darn good party to go to but it does not seem to happen.
Year after year, it's just boring...
And invite me please!

I only have 21 days left to work at the toilet bowl.
It has now become moron central, with the same people who before Christmas were ranting about paying $24 for the calendar that they really wanted, now paying $30 for two half price calendars that they have to settle for cause their calendar is sold out.

What don't people understand about "everything" being 50% off?
"So is everything 50% off?'
Yes, everything" (pointing to the sign)
"So - is this one 50% off too?"
(seething quietly.................) "YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS"

Jesus have mercy!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

A Very Grumpy Christmas

Was so looking forward to a sleep in this morning - and couldn't, due to large head pounding that was brought on by caffeine withdrawals.
You see, I have been living on coffee these last few weeks and even though it is mostly decaffinated, I still feel that there is SOME caffeine, even in decaffinated coffee and so.....big pounding headache at 8am.

We did the family thing last night,being Polish, our big celebration is on Christmas Eve as opposed to Christmas day.
Then we came home and opened our "real" gifts.
We always keep the best for our place...we come home and open our's great.
I did score well with a new camera, some money and beautiful earrings.

Today is to be very quiet....
food, and watching dvd's.
Sounds boring?
To me it is bliss...
Out of people's energy..out of the chaos...with my family.
Baby girl got a Nintendo Wii, we probably won't see her till February now!

Have a good one!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Did I say that I was tired?

I worked 16 hours yesterday.
16 hours at the toilet bowl of humanity and I was rudely abused by some dememted twat of a woman who swore that I was selling my calendars at half price in the morning, yet I was not offering her a discount when she came back to buy her calendar in the afternoon.
And when I called her "madam", she called me a bitch!

So there...
I love Christmas.

Anyway, 16 hours, used to be called "doubla" shifts when my dad was at work.
Men used to do doubla's all the time, especially at the BHP and the cotton mills where my dad worked.
How did they do that?
My God, I feel like I have been run over my a semi - and those guys did that week after week in some cases.

Only 4 days till Christmas...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Only five days left

Today is even horrible to think about....
I am at the toilet bowel till midnight tonight.
I am tired already!!!!!

All the sicko bastards will be out today.
It's going to be a shit fight.

Yesterday, we attended a funeral.
There is only one good thing about a funeral -
It serves to remind you that YOU are still alive!

Oh well, must get to it!

I feel a day fuelled by Red Bull is coming up!!!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


It is with great sadness that I need to tell you all that a member of our family passed away this morning at 10am.

She was a lovely lady named Aleksandra - my husband's cousin's mother.
Distant relative, yet very, very close and the family is in mourning.

She was integral in sponsoring my husband's family when they fled Poland over 20 years ago and came to Australia as refugees with only the clothes on their backs, needing a place to stay and a guarantee that they would be looked after.

Aleksandra and her daughter, Kazia, guided them through their first months and weeks in a totally new and strange country and the family has been very close ever since.

Not a family event has not passed without the presence of Aleksandra and her devoted daughters.

This lovely lady was over 80, a ripe old age and her health failed badly at the end.
She had diabetes for over 15 years and her skin had become paper thin. A fall some months back forced her to leave her family home and seek care in an aged facility. Dementia set in at an incredible pace and her last days were spent in great pain with many infections that just could not be halted.

And so she left this world....for the next.

But it leaves her family in great sadness, that just before Christmas we must now endure her loss.

The funeral will probably be on Wednesday.

In her loving memory, please kiss and hug your loved ones and tell them that they light up your day.

I send my hugs and kisses to you all.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

How to run a three ringed circus when you only have one ring!

1.Replace all bodily fluids with caffiene by drinking copius amounts of coffee all day long.
2.Have Mersyndol on call at all times.
3.Have a husband at home who will run all errands AND srub shower recess when needed.
4.Live on take away food and an occassional lump of bbqed dead carcass when husband who has just finished scrubbing shower recess has time to throw the dead bison's leg on the bbq.
5.Hire amazing staff that will come in at the drop of a hat and work for third world wages ( and an occassional coffee).
6.Have an amazing group of friends who will support and visit when the times get tough.
7.Try to go to bed and get some sleep.
(This one rarely gets a look in)
8.Have an understanding family who learn to accept the ranting and raving lunatic who has inhabted their home during the Christmas period instead of their mother/wife.
9.Administer heavy protective "bubbles of white light" while at the toilet bowel of humanity.
10.Wear ear plugs to somewhat lower the tone of screaming infants and ranting semi crazed customers.

Part One complete.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh Lordy!

Yes, today every muscle does hurt and how do I keep awake?
I tried two coffees and a can of "MOTHER" and still had the yawns.
But then I was at the toilet bowl till 10pm.
The long haul starts....
Late nights all this week.
8pm Mon, Tues and Wed and MIDNIGHT on Thursday.
May the Goddess have mercy on my poor soul!

Lots of girls are passing by and saying Hi!
I really love that, please do not hesitate to come by and give me a hug...I will be needing it.

Otherwise, what else could be new?

The man actualy scrubbed out the shower recess today...
Oh my God, how slack am I and how wonderful is he?!!!
I love that man!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Is the world still turning?

I guess I must say that I am feeling rather left out of the social loop lately.
The blogs are quiet and I am getting no messages.
All my friends seem to have a life.
Strange about that!

As the last days before Christmas hit us, we are all busy in our own little worlds as we try to buy gifts, organise engagements and stay sane.

I just want to say that I miss you all!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Ghosts and a trip planned!

I think we have a ghost in the kitchen.
The man was planning to make buscuits and plugged in the mixer but then realised we had no butter so he left the mixer plugged in on the kitchen bench ready for tomorrow.
A few hours later, we are sitting minding our own business, and all of a sudden this terrible noise starts coming from the kitchen....
it's the bloody mixer...
it turned on all by itself!!!!!!!


this afternoon we booked our super duper cheap as all shit holiday for next year.
Jetstar had flights to Kuala Lumpur for only, wait for it, $34 each way....

Holy, moly what a bargain...
so, we ARE going..

Monday, December 03, 2007


On Friday last we had a lighting strike two doors away from our house, and so our internet went poof!

So no connection to the rest of the world since then...
am living on borrowed time..
will be soon as I can.
P.S. Bush is up and sparkly
with lights aglowing.